Assessment Fee definition

Assessment Fee means the fee payable to the GBCA for the Independent Assessment;
Assessment Fee means the amount of money charged by a certified program to the Department or to an individual for admission assessment services.
Assessment Fee means the fee that is collected from a Referred Merchant on behalf of the Credit Card issuer for a Transaction.

Examples of Assessment Fee in a sentence

  • Assuming CLEC's quotation will reflect the following nonrecurring charges associated with the transfer of the Collocation site: Assessment Fee, payable regardless of whether the quotation is accepted or not, a Network Systems Administration Fee, and charges for processing the transfer of working circuits, if applicable.

  • Failure to do so shall result in a Key Personnel Change Assessment Fee in the amount of $15,000 for each Key Personnel position substitution, regardless of whether the Department accepts the alternate personnel as equal or better.

  • Users cannot add or void a CANS NY Assessment Fee billing instance.

  • Questions regarding the STRF may be directed to:Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education at 2535 Capitol Oaks Drive, Suite 400, Sacramento, CA 95833,, phone number: (916) 431-6959, toll free: (888) 370-7589, fax number: (916)263-1897 Payment of STRF to UoPeopleNote that the first Assessment Fee for students residing in California remains the same.

  • Only the system can add or void a CANS NY Assessment Fee billing instance.

More Definitions of Assessment Fee

Assessment Fee means the fee that is submitted with an application for registration or a licence to the Authority under section 5(1);
Assessment Fee means those fees paid by Acquiring Members, other than Interchange Fees and Association Charges, for participation in the programs offered by Visa, MCI or other Association, as applicable, usually as a percentage of Monthly Sales Volume. The due dates for payment and the rates used in calculating these fees are established by Visa's and MCI's respective Boards of Directors and by other Associations, as applicable, and are subject to change upon written notice by Bank to CCC, which notice shall be provided to CCC as soon as practicable.
Assessment Fee. The fee charged by the State of Arkansas on Eligible EMS Providers, including Participating Providers, as part of the Assessment Fee Program.
Assessment Fee means any fee payable to the NZGBC for the Independent Assessment, calculated in accordance with the schedule of fees contained in Schedule 1 to this Agreement, as varied by the NZGBC from time to time;
Assessment Fee means the fee charged by NSAI Agrément to carry out the Window Energy Performance Rating Assessment applied for in the Application;
Assessment Fee means the fees set forth on Exhibit A to be paid by MMP to Scheme Operator as consideration for the Assessment Services.
Assessment Fee means the firm fixed fee for one onsite interview and Assessment with the person being evaluated and one written report for the Assessment.