Definition of Seller Warranties

Seller Warranties means the warranties and Tax Warranties given by the Seller and set out in Schedule 1;
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Examples of Seller Warranties in a sentence

No liability shall attach to the Business Sellers in respect of a claim under the Seller Warranties if and to the extent that a specified and quantified allowance, provision or reserve is made in the Closing Statements.
The Seller Warranties are subject to the matters fairly disclosed in the Disclosure Letter.
If, prior to the First Payment Milestone, the Purchasers become aware of a breach of any of the Seller Warranties (other than a breach of the Seller Warranties on ownership of Sale Shares and Telco Assets), the Purchasers shall still proceed with the First Payment Milestone and may seek indemnification for damages suffered as a result of such breach; provided, that the Purchasers right to seek indemnification shall be subject to Article VII (Indemnification and Limitations to Indemnity) of this Agreement.
The aggregate liability of the Business Sellers in respect of all claims under the Seller Warranties (other than Warranties 18.1, 18.2 and 18.3) and breaches of Clause 5 shall not exceed ***.
Notwithstanding Closing (i) each provision of this Agreement and any other Transaction Document not performed at or before Closing but which remains capable of performance, (ii) the Seller Warranties, (iii) the Purchaser Warranties and (iv) all covenants, indemnities and other undertakings and assurances contained in or entered into pursuant to this Agreement or any other Transaction Document, will remain in full force and effect.