Approved site definition

Approved site means a site located within a State designated
Approved site means the Ambulatory Surgery Facility (ASF) location specifically approved and contracted by BCBSM as a Primary Site as listed on the Signature Document, or as an Additional Approved Site, as listed in Addendum H.
Approved site means property approved by the depart- ment or its agent for the disposal, recycling or storage of septage.

Examples of Approved site in a sentence

  • September 12, 1989 Approved site plan amendment request to permit conversion of 408 s.f. of retail space to office use for five years subject to one (1) condition.

  • Approved site plans and building plans shall include a table setting forth the number of units in each of the bedroom count categories and shall demonstrate that such units meet the minimum floor area limitations.

  • Approved site plans shall be protected from future amendments in regulations and ordinances in accordance with RSA 674:39.

  • Approved site plans shall include any required revisions and the date of the revisions.

  • Approved site locations in this context include the judicial officer or employee’s residence.

More Definitions of Approved site

Approved site means a landfill site
Approved site means a site located within a State designated underserved area or a health professional shortage area, or a clinic which is part of the extramural network of dental clinics established by the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine of the Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences, or a site that has been determined by the Higher Education Student Assistance Authority, in consultation with the Department of Health, to serve medically underserved populations according to criteria determined by the Authority, including:
Approved site means a solid waste management, storage, transfer or disposal site or facility which has met all the requirements of this Act and any other applicable federal or Tribal regulations and is approved by the Tribal Council as the place for such management or disposal of solid waste.
Approved site means a site which has been approved by the City Council as an eligible location for placement of wireless communication facilities.