Contaminated site definition

Contaminated site means a site where there is a confirmed presence, caused by man, of hazardous substances of such a level that they pose a significant risk to human health or the environment taking into account current and approved future use of the land;
Contaminated site means any site defined as a contaminated site pursuant to the Technical Requirements for Site Remediation rules, at N.J.A.C. 7:26E-1.8.
Contaminated site means any contiguous land, sediment, surface water, or groundwater area that contains contaminants that may be harmful to human health or the environment.

Examples of Contaminated site in a sentence

  • All site rehabilitation shall be consistent with the cleanup criteria in §376.81, F.S., the requirements of Chapters 62‑780, F.A.C., Contaminated Site Cleanup Criteria, and 62-777, F.A.C., Contaminant Cleanup Target Levels; to allow access by the Department during the entire site rehabilitation process, as evidenced by the attached documentation (see Attachment C) incorporated herein, establishing that such site access has been secured by agreement with the real property owner.

  • Additionally, the NJEDA administers the Business Employment Incentive Program, the Brownfields and Contaminated Site Remedi- ation Program and the Fort Monmouth Economic Revitaliza- tion Authority.The Business Employment Incentive Program (BEIP) provides grants to businesses that create jobs in New Jersey.

  • Eligible companies can be reimbursed for up to 80% of taxes paid by new employees for up to 10 years, to a maximum of$50,000 per employee over the course of the grant.The Brownfields and Contaminated Site Remediation Program is designed to restore key brownfield sites to productive use through incentives making the redevelopment more affordable.

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Contaminated site means an area of land in which the soil or any groundwater lying beneath it, or the water or the underlying sediment, contains
Contaminated site means a site where persons have abandoned or disposed of substances of such a nature and in such a manner, quantity or concentration that the substances constitute or are likely to constitute a danger to human life or health or to the environment.
Contaminated site means any surface water or ground water outside of the facility’s zone of discharge that contains contaminants that may be harmful to human health or the environment.
Contaminated site means any Source Area or series of Source Areas that have not reached final resolution under the Remediation Regulations. A Contaminated-Site may include unimpacted land between multiple Source Areas in close proximity to one another. A Contaminated-Site shall be considered to be independent of property lines.
Contaminated site means a site where release(s) from storage tank systems have resulted in concentrations of regulated substances in environmental media that exceed criteria for the protection of human health or the environment.
Contaminated site means all portions of environmental media at a site and any location where contamination is emanating, or which has emanated, therefrom, that contain one or more contaminants at a concentration which fails to satisfy any applicable remediation standard (N.J.A.C. 7:26E-1.8).
Contaminated site means a site for which Ecology or PLIA has determined further remedial action is necessary under the state cleanup law to: