Monthly Payment Amount definition

Monthly Payment Amount means the sum of (A) from and including the First Payment Date through the Maturity Date, an amount equal to the interest payable under this Note on the portion allocated as Fixed Rate Tranche A at the Fixed Interest Rate in the amounts for each such Payment Date set forth on Annex 1 attached hereto and incorporated herein by this reference or as provided by Payee to Maker in connection with the initial Fixed Interest Rate Interest Period, plus (B) through and until Floating Rate Tranche B is satisfied, an amount equal to the interest payable under this Note on the portion allocated as Floating Rate Tranche B at the LIBOR-Based Rate pursuant to the provisions of Section 1.2 hereof. Annex 1 is for reference purposes only and any payment incorrectly referenced thereon or omitted therefrom shall not limit or reduce Maker's obligations for actual amounts due under this Note in accordance with its payment terms, and Maker agrees that Payee may substitute a replacement Annex 1 in the event the attached does not accurately reflect Maker's scheduled payment obligations.
Monthly Payment Amount means the monthly payment of interest due on each Scheduled Payment Date as set forth in Section 2.2(b) hereof.

Examples of Monthly Payment Amount in a sentence

  • If you have given us authorization, we will generate an automatic payment on the payment due date from the specified account for the Minimum Payment Due, the Entire Amount on the Last Statemented Balance, or Fixed Monthly Payment Amount according to your authorization.

  • Thereafter, monthly payments of the Monthly Payment Amount (or such lesser amount as is required to complete the final payment) shall continue until they aggregate 14% of the original cost of the Collateral, whereupon Reorganized RHG or any successor in interest thereto shall become the owner of the Collateral and shall have no obligation to make any further payments.

  • Interest Rate/Loan Term: 0% Fixed, 5 years Monthly Payment Amount: No monthly payments.

  • Nothing in this Article II shall limit, reduce or otherwise affect Maker's obligations to make payments of the Monthly Payment Amount (including interest on the Note as provided in Section 1.3 hereof) payments to the Impound Account and payments of other amounts due hereunder and under the other Loan Documents, whether or not Rents (as defined in the Security Instrument) are available to make such payments.

  • Monthly payments, each in the applicable Monthly Payment Amount, shall commence on the First Monthly Payment Amount Due Date and continue on each Due Date thereafter.

More Definitions of Monthly Payment Amount

Monthly Payment Amount means the sum of the Principal Amount and the monthly interest payment calculated by Lender on the sixth (6th) calendar day of each month (or the next succeeding Business Day after such sixth (6th) calendar day if such calendar day is not a Business Day) by Lender based on the Note Rate in effect on such date.
Monthly Payment Amount shall have the meaning set forth in the Note.
Monthly Payment Amount shall have the meaning given to such term in the Note.
Monthly Payment Amount means the monthly interest accrued on the Loan for the preceding Interest Accrual Period.
Monthly Payment Amount shall have the meaning ascribed in Article 6.3(a) hereof.
Monthly Payment Amount means, with respect to the Mortgage Loan as of any Due Date, (i) the scheduled amount of interest or (ii) during an Amortization Period, principal and interest, that is payable by the Borrowers on such Due Date under the terms of the Mortgage Notes (as such terms may be changed or modified in connection with a bankruptcy, insolvency or similar proceeding involving a Borrower or by reason of a modification, waiver or amendment granted or agreed to by the Servicer pursuant to Section 3.20).
Monthly Payment Amount. Includes: Taxes: □ Yes Insurance: □ Yes □ No $ □ No $ PROPERTY DESCRIPTION AND PROJECT SUMMARY PROPERTY DESCRIPTION PROJECT SUMMARY Project Objective: Scope of Improvements: Property Benefits per Improvement: PROPOSED PACE FINANCING AND ASSESSMENT PACE Financing Amount (est.): Annual PACE Payment (est.): Annual Property Tax Payment (before PACE): Annual Property Tax Payment (after PACE): Current Mortgage Principal Balance ([DATE]): As-Complete Appraised Property Value ([DATE] Appraisal): Maximum XXXX Xxxx to Value (LiTV): Maximum Loan to Value (LTV): PACE Financing Interest Rate Spread: PACE Financing & Amortization Term: Attachment 2 To Mortgage Holder Consent PROGRAM FINANCING AGREEMENT AND RELATED PACE FINANCING DOCUMENTS