Delegation Agreement definition

Delegation Agreement means any separate agreement entered into between the Custodian and the Fund or its authorized representative with respect to certain matters concerning the appointment and administration of Subcustodians delegated to the Custodian pursuant to Rule 17f-5 under the 1940 Act.
Delegation Agreement means the agreement between the Corporation and NERC and approved by FERC which describes the Delegated Authority and may be amended from time to time.
Delegation Agreement means a detailed description of the duties and scope of practice delegated by a primary supervising physician to a physician assistant that is signed by both the physician assistant and the supervising physicians. “Collaboration” means a physician assistant’s consultation with or referral to an appropriate physician or other health care professional as indicated based on the patient’s condition; the physician assistant’s education, training, and experience; and the applicable standards of care.

Examples of Delegation Agreement in a sentence

Such Delegation Agreement shall provide that the appointment of any Domestic Subcustodian as the Approved Foreign Custody Manager must be governed by a written agreement between the Custodian and the Domestic Subcustodian, which provides for compliance with Rule 17f-5.

This Agreement and the Delegation Agreement (if applicable), as amended from time to time, constitute the entire understanding and agreement of the parties thereto with respect to the subject matter therein and accordingly, supersedes as of the effective date of this Agreement any custodian agreement heretofore in effect between the Funds and the Custodian.

This Delegation Agreement may be terminated at any time, without penalty, by written notice from the terminating party to the non-terminating party.

The Custodian shall terminate its agreement with the Delegate pursuant to this Delegation Agreement concurrently with any termination of this Delegation Agreement.

The Custodian hereby represents and warrants that it is a U.S. Bank and that this Delegation Agreement has been duly authorized, executed and delivered by the Custodian and is a legal, valid and binding agreement of the Custodian enforceable against it in accordance with its terms, except as such enforceability may be limited by applicable bankruptcy laws and any other similar laws affecting the rights and remedies of creditors generally and by equitable principles.

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Delegation Agreement means an agreement between an agency and a political subdivision that authorizes the political subdivision to exercise functions, powers or duties conferred on the delegating agency by a provision of law. Delegation agreement does not include intergovernmental agreements entered into pursuant to title 11, chapter 7, article 3.
Delegation Agreement means a document identifying the medical acts that the PA may perform pursuant to the delegation by the primary supervising physician and detailing the means by which supervision will occur.
Delegation Agreement means a detailed description of the duties
Delegation Agreement means the provisions of Articles I, II and V of this Agreement and any Appendices referenced therein and attached to this Agreement.
Delegation Agreement means an agreement between an agency and
Delegation Agreement means a mutually agreed upon plan, as detailed in WAC 246-918-055, between a sponsoring physician and physi- cian assistant, which describes the manner and extent to which the physician assistant will practice and be supervised.