Additional Security Deposit definition

Additional Security Deposit means the sum of [*];
Additional Security Deposit. The amount specified in Section 1.1(10). AFFILIATE: Any corporation or other business entity that is currently owned or controlled by, owns or controls, or is under common ownership or control with Tenant or Landlord, as the case may be. BANKRUPTCY CODE: As defined in Section 11.3. BUILDING: The building located at the address specified in Section 1.1. The Building includes office and laboratory uses.
Additional Security Deposit. While acknowledging prior receipt of a security deposit in the amount of $6,000.00 (as regards Suite T-3), Landlord requires an additional $3,500.00 (as regards Suite T-2), for a combined total security deposit, for Suites T-2 and T-3, of $9,500.00.

Examples of Additional Security Deposit in a sentence

  • A contractor who has executed standing security Bond but not corresponding to the appropriate class as mentioned above, shall lodge with the Accepting Officer, Additional Security Deposit as notified by the Accepting Officer within thirty days of the receipt of his notification of acceptance of his tender/bid, failing which this sum will be recovered from the first RAR payment or from the first final bill.

  • The contractor may at his discretion furnish in lieu of Additional Security Deposit or Security Deposit a Bank Guarantee Bond executed by any nationalized/Schedule Bank for the said amount.

  • Additional Security Deposit: in case L-1 bidder quotes abnormally low rates (i.e. Certain percentage above or below estimated project cost), SBI /the bank may ask such bidder to deposit additional security deposit (ASD) as mentioned in the cautioned note in Page no-4 of this NIT.

  • Refund of Additional Security Deposit The additional security deposit shall be released within 30 days of issue of ‘Certificate of Completion’ with respect to the whole of the Works.

  • Additional Security Deposit The additional security deposit will be applicable when a rebate of more than of 12 % at the rate of with no maximum limit.

More Definitions of Additional Security Deposit

Additional Security Deposit has the meaning provided in Section 33.1(b).
Additional Security Deposit. The Tenant shall deposit with the Landlord an additional security deposit of Seventy Thousand and 00/100 Dollars ($70,000.00), which shall be held in accordance with the provisions of Article TWENTY-
Additional Security Deposit. Tenant shall pay an additional Security Deposit in the amount of $3,657.00. Upon payment of such additional security Deposit, Tenant's total Security deposit held by Landlord shall be $11,800.00.
Additional Security Deposit. As defined in ss.2.2(a)(i)(3).
Additional Security Deposit. Tenant will provide Landlord with a Security Deposit (as defined below) equal to one (1) month's rent. The Security Deposit will be held until the termination of the Lease.
Additional Security Deposit. If resident has a pet, an additional security deposit of $300 is required per pet. Upon vacating the apartment, the apartment with be professionally treated for pet care. This may include replacing the padding and treating the concrete if necessary. This cost may exceed security deposit amount and resident may be called upon to bare the full cost of carpet repair.
Additional Security Deposit. The sum of thirty-one thousand four hundred and eighty nine dollars and sixty-seven cents ($31,489.67) to be deposited with Landlord pursuant to Section 42(B).