You or Your Sample Clauses

You or Your. The person(s) or entity to which the Agreement is issued, entity sponsoring the Plan or any person(s) delegated by either to perform functions on his, her or its behalf.
You or Your. “You,” “you,” or “your” means any person or entity who exercises copyright or patent rights granted under this CLA, and any person or entity you Control. Identify the Specification here: (Signature Page to Follow) If signing this CLA as an individual: I acknowledge that, depending upon local law or contractual agreements, when I am employed by or acting on behalf of another entity, the promises I make relating to this Specification may actually be obligations of that other entity. In such a situation, I represent that I have been authorized by that entity to make these promises. I also understand that certain Specification projects may require additional private identifying information or certifications from me before they accept my Contributions. Signed name Print name Email address Date If signing this CLA as a Bound Entity: I certify that I am authorized to execute this agreement on behalf of the Bound Entity named below, and that all promises made herein relating to this Specification are commitments of the Bound Entity. Signed name Print name Email address Date Title Bound Entity Address EXHIBIT C Open Web Foundation FINAL SPECIFICATION AGREEMENT (OWFa1.0) OWFa 1.0 Open Web Foundation Final Specification Agreement (OWFa 1.0) (Patent and Copyright Grants)
You or Your. The party entering into this Agreement with Us by accepting these terms which shall include Your Authorised Users. Us, We, or Our: Campden BRI and group companies; Campden BRI (Chipping Campden) Limited and Campden BRI (Nutfield) of Station Road, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire GL55 6LD Agreement: the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement and (i) any Campden BRI policies or documents which shall include but is not limited to Campden BRI’s Terms of Website Use, Acceptable Use Policy, Privacy Policy, (ii) any updates thereto and any additional terms notified to You before Your use of a Database.
You or Your. “You,” “you,” or “your” means any person or entity who exercises copyright or patent rights granted under this Agreement, and any person or entity you Control. Identify the Specification and version number here:
You or Your the natural person who is not acting in the exercise of a profession or business and with whom we have concluded a contract for the supply of the security service.
You or Your individual researcher named in Clause 9.2 on page 11. (Clause 1.2)‌ APPENDIX B‌‌‌ Guiding Principles for Data Linkage‌‌‌ The Guiding Principles for Data Linkage are designed to support the safe and appropriate use of data for research and statistical purposes. This ensures that data linkage is undertaken within a controlled environment and that the research carried out is legal, ethical, secure and efficient.‌‌‌ Before undertaking a data linkage project using eDRIS, researchers must consider and address the Guiding Principles as part of the application process, overseen by eDRIS. These are:
You or Your. Each Owner of an Eligible Account, a person applying for an Eligible Account, Eligible Beneficiary entitled to online access, or a Delegate. Authorized Representative A person with authority to take action or make decisions on behalf of another person with respect to an Eligible Account or an Online Financial Service. This definition includes any person who may (i) manage or administer an Eligible Account or an Online Financial Service, or (ii) authorize another person to access an Eligible Account or Online Financial Service.

Related to You or Your

  • You must A. keep records in sufficient detail to enable all EPRs to be easily and accurately determined;

  • You will (a) provide us on request all information in your agent's possession or control of you or your agents as may be required to be filed or disclosed pursuant to Applicable Law, in each case regarding us, you, the Customer Documents or any Contract, Client Contract;

  • You a) acknowledge that you Use the Licensed Varieties at your own risk;

  • Your Rights If You Are Dissatisfied With Your Credit Card Purchases If you are dissatisfied with the goods or services that you have purchased with your credit card, and you have tried in good faith to correct the problem with the merchant, you may have the right not to pay the remaining amount due on the purchase. To use this right, all of the following must be true:

  • USING YOUR CARD You understand that the use of your credit card or credit card account will constitute acknowledgement of receipt and agreement to the terms of the Credit Card Agreement and Credit Card Account Opening Disclosure (Disclosure). You may use your card to make purchases from merchants and others who accept your card. The credit union is not responsible for the refusal of any merchant or financial institution to honor your card. If you wish to pay for goods or services over the Internet, you may be required to provide card number security information before you will be permitted to complete the transaction. In addition, you may obtain cash advances from the Credit Union, from other financial institutions that accept your card, and from some automated teller machines (ATMs). (Not all ATMs accept your card.) If the credit union authorizes ATM transactions with your card, it will issue you a personal identification number (PIN). To obtain cash advances from an ATM, you must use the PIN issued to you for use with your card. You agree that you will not use your card for any transaction that is illegal under applicable federal, state, or local law. Even if you use your card for an illegal transaction, you will be responsible for all amounts and charges incurred in connection with the transaction. If you are permitted to obtain cash advances on your account, you may also use your card to purchase instruments and engage in transactions that we consider the equivalent of cash. Such transactions will be posted to your account as cash advances and include, but are not limited to, wire transfers, money orders, bets, lottery tickets, and casino gaming chips, as applicable. This paragraph shall not be interpreted as permitting or authorizing any transaction that is illegal.

  • Progressive Discipline The Employer will follow the principles of progressive discipline. Disciplinary action shall be commensurate with the offense. Disciplinary action shall include: