Right to Withdraw Sample Clauses

Right to Withdraw. Unless otherwise agreed, each Holder shall have the right to withdraw such Holder’s request for inclusion of its Registrable Securities in any Underwritten Offering pursuant to this Section 2.02 at any time prior to the execution of an underwriting agreement with respect thereto by giving written notice to the Company of such Holder’s request to withdraw and, subject to the preceding clause, each Holder shall be permitted to withdraw all or part of such Holder’s Registrable Securities from a Piggyback Registration at any time prior to the effective date thereof.
Right to Withdraw. If the managing underwriter of any underwritten offering shall advise the Purchasers that the Registrable Securities covered by the registration statement cannot be sold in such offering within a price range acceptable to the Purchasers, then the Purchasers shall have the right to notify the Company in writing that they have determined that the registration statement be abandoned or withdrawn, in which event the Company shall abandon or withdraw such registration statement. In the event of such abandonment or withdrawal, such request shall not be counted for purposes of the requests for registration to which the Purchasers are entitled pursuant to this Section 2.1, and the Purchasers shall pay, or reimburse the Company for, all Registration Expenses related thereto.
Right to Withdraw. The Parties represent and acknowledge each of the following terms was necessary to the Parties’ agreement to this Settlement, are each an essential term of the Settlement and this Settlement Agreement, and that the Settlement would not have been reached in the absence of these terms: (a) MDL Court approval of the Settlement and the terms of this Settlement Agreement without material modification or limitation; (b) entry by the MDL Court of the Bar Order in the SEC Action in substantially the form attached hereto as Exhibit B; (c) all such approvals and orders becoming Final, pursuant to Paragraphs 8, 20, 25, and 26 of this Settlement Agreement; and (d) the subsequent Final dismissal with prejudice of all claims against Independent in the Rotstain Litigation and the Xxxxx Litigation. If the MDL Court refuses to provide the approvals described in (a); if the MDL Court refuses to enter the Bar Order described in (b) without material modification; if the final result of any appeal from the approvals and order described in (a) or (b) is that any of the approvals or order are not affirmed in their entirety and without material modification or limitation; or if the claims against Independent in the Rotstain Litigation or the Xxxxx Litigation are not fully and finally dismissed with prejudice, then any of the Receiver, the Committee and Independent has the right to withdraw its agreement to the Settlement and to this Settlement Agreement by providing to all other Parties written notice of such withdrawal within fourteen (14) days of the order or judicial determination giving rise to the right to withdraw. The effective date of the withdrawal will be twenty-one (21) days after the notice of same, during which time the Parties agree to work together in good faith to attempt to negotiate an alternative settlement.
Right to Withdraw. Any Participating Holder shall have the right to withdraw its request for inclusion of Registrable Securities in any registration statement pursuant to Section 1.1 at any time prior to the effective date of such registration statement by giving written notice to the Partnership of its request to withdraw. Upon receipt of notices from all Participating Holders to such effect, the Partnership shall cease all efforts to obtain effectiveness of the applicable registration statement, and whether the Initiating Unitholder’s request for registration pursuant to Section 1.1 shall be counted as a Demand Registration for purposes of Section 1.6 shall be determined in accordance with Section 1.4 above.
Right to Withdraw. A Party may withdraw its participation in the CCA Program, effective as of the beginning of the Authority’s fiscal year, by giving no less than 6 months advance written notice of its election to do so, which notice shall be given to the Authority and each Party. Withdrawal of a Party shall require an affirmative vote of the Party’s governing board.
Right to Withdraw. In the case of many retail investment products – such as life assurance contracts, personal pension schemes, investment bonds, and collective investment arrangements (e.g. unit trusts), a right to withdraw or cancel the contract within a specified period is normally provided. Details of such rights are ordinarily contained in the product literature (e.g. Key Features document) and/or we may provide details of such rights in a separate communication. In the case of any non-retail investment products e.g. an ISA wrapper, we will inform you in writing of any right to withdraw or cancel you may have or, if it is the case, we will inform you in writing that no such rights will apply.
Right to Withdraw. The Sole Member may withdraw from the Company at any time by mailing or delivering a written notice of withdrawal to the Manager.
Right to Withdraw. This Agreement shall not be considered or construed as an offer by the SELLER. The SELLER reserves the right to withdraw this proposed Agreement at any time prior to the signature by both parties hereto, receipt by the SELLER's attorney of the full payment of the deposit set forth herein, and delivery of a fully executed Agreement to the BUYER's Attorney.
Right to Withdraw and shall execute and deliver to the Remaining Parties all necessary instruments to assign their Working Interest to the Remaining Parties. A Withdrawing Party and Other Withdrawing Parties shall bear all expenses associated with their withdrawal and the transfer of their Working Interest.