SIMILAR USE definition

SIMILAR USE means a use which, in the opinion of the Development Authority, closely resembles another specified use with respect to the type of activity, structure and its compatibility with the surrounding environment;
SIMILAR USE means a specific use of land or of a building that is not expressly mentioned in this bylaw but which the Development Authority has determined to be similar in character and purpose to a use listed as a Permitted or Discretionary Use in the District in which the use is proposed.

Examples of SIMILAR USE in a sentence

SIMILAR USE shall mean the use of land, buildings, or structures of like kind or general nature with other uses within a zoning district as related to bulk, intensity of use, traffic generation and congestion, function, public services requirements, aesthetics or other similarities.

That portion of Ordinance M-3643, codified by VMC 20.160.030 (UNLISTED USE: AUTHORIZATION OF SIMILAR USE) is hereby amended to read as follows: Section 20.160.030 Unlisted Use: Authorization of Similar Use.

The foregoing sentence is applicable to the API functionality as well as any and all other Software, Services and products ordered hereunder including, NOT LIMITED TO, the licenses required for API connections when exchanging data OR ANY OTHER SIMILAR USE OR OTHERWISE.

Zoning districts in which a similar use may be authorized are: • Central Business District C-1• General Commercial C-2• Village Commercial C-3• Industrial Park I-1• Light Industrial I-2• Heavy Industrial I-3 17.16.10 SIMILAR USE TO A LISTED PERMITTED USE This is processed as a Type I or Type II procedure as determined by the Director.


More Definitions of SIMILAR USE

SIMILAR USE means a use not specifically listed in any of the permitted building or use classifications of any district, but which may be found analogous and added to the classification, according to the procedures and requirements of Section 11.02.05 of this Resolution.
SIMILAR USE means a development that is similar, in the opinion of the Municipal Planning Commission Any use that is similar to either a listed permitted and discretionary use within a Land Use District.
SIMILAR USE means a discretionary use of land or a building, or both, for a use which is not listed in the list of permitted and discretionary land uses in all land use districts in this Bylaw, but is determined by the Development Authority to be similar to a permitted or a discretionary use listed in the land use district in which development application is being made.
SIMILAR USE means a use deemed by the land use administrator as similar in character to uses specifically cited in Chapter 17.14 MMC. In making a determination that a use is similar to one specifically cited in Chapter 17.14 MMC, the land use administrator must find that the trip generation and type of traffic, parking and circulation, utility demands, environmental impacts, physical space needs, and clientele characteristics of the use differ no more than 10 percent from the characteristics of the use specifically cited in Chapter 17.14 MMC. (Ord. 1405 § 2, 1999).
SIMILAR USE means a use that is similar in character and appearance to a use listed as either permitted or discretionary within a land use district and may be considered at the discretion of the Development Authority.
SIMILAR USE means development deemed by Council to be similar in nature to a permitted or conditionally permitted use;