Waterfall Sample Clauses

Waterfall. Prior to the occurrence of an Event of Default, all payments received by Administrative Agent under the Loan Documents shall be applied, (i) first, to pay Obligations in respect of any cost or expense reimbursements, fees or indemnities then due to the Administrative Agent pursuant to this Agreement, any Loan Document or the Environmental Indemnity Agreement, (ii) second, to pay interest then due and payable to the Lenders (other than a Defaulting Lender) in respect of the Loan calculated at the Contract Rate, (iii) third, to pay Obligations in respect of any cost or expense reimbursements, fees or indemnities then due to the Lenders (other than a Defaulting Lender) in respect of the Loan pursuant to this Agreement, any Loan Document or the Environmental Indemnity Agreement, (iv) fourth, subject to Section 2.5(b), to principal payments due under the Loan owing to the Lenders (other than a Defaulting Lender) and to the Obligations under the Secured Hedge Agreements, (v) fifth, to any reserves, escrows or other impounds required to be maintained pursuant to the Loan Documents, (vi) sixth, to any Acceleration Prepayment Premium then due, (vii) seventh, to the ratable payment of all other Obligations (other than Obligations owing to a Defaulting Lender); and (viii) eighth, to repay all other Obligations owing to a Defaulting Lender. Upon the occurrence of an Event of Default, all payments shall be applied in such order as the Administrative Agent shall determine in its sole discretion. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, if at any time following an Event of Default or acceleration of the Obligations or on or after the Maturity Date, the Administrative Agent applies any payments received or the proceeds of any Collateral to principal payments on the Loan, the Administrative Agent shall apply such payments or proceeds pro rata between such principal payments on the Loan and the Obligations under the Secured Hedge Agreements based on the outstanding principal balance of the Loan and the Obligations under Secured Hedge Agreements. LOAN AGREEMENTPage 26[Heritage Woods]
Waterfall. (a) So long as no Waterfall Event has occurred and is continuing and except as otherwise provided with respect to Defaulting Lenders, all principal and interest payments, shall be apportioned ratably among the Lenders (according to their Commitment Percentages thereof) and all payments of fees, costs and expenses (other than fees, costs or expenses that are for Agent’s or any Lender’s separate account) shall be apportioned ratably among the Lenders according to their Commitment Percentages thereof (it being understood that all costs and expenses due and owing to Agent, and all principal and interest of Advances (including Protective Advances) made by Agent and not reimbursed by Lenders, shall first be paid in full before any such payments are made to any of the Lenders). Payments for the purposes of this clause (a) shall include proceeds of Collateral received by Agent.
Waterfall. No such proceeds or amounts shall be applied in payment of any amounts specified in any of the paragraphs in Clause 29.5 (Proceeds of Enforcement) until all amounts specified in any earlier paragraph have been paid in full.
Waterfall. (a)Prior to the occurrence of a Termination Event and in accordance with Schedule 5 (Purchase Price), the Available Amount in the relevant Eligible Currency (increased by any Available Amount in any other Eligible Currency, to the extent that all payments or the allocations from such Available Amount have been fully made, converted on the basis of the relevant Exchange Rate) shall be applied, on each Settlement Date to the payments or allocations to be made by each Servicer on behalf of itself and the relevant Originator in the following order of priority to the extent that the payments or the allocations ranking higher have been made in full:
Waterfall. Notwithstanding anything in this Agreement to the contrary, the priorities set forth in Section 10.2 shall not apply to any and/or all of SVB’s present and future rights (whether described as rights of setoff, banker’s liens, chargeback or otherwise, and whether available to SVB under the law or under any other agreement between SVB and Borrower concerning any account maintained by Borrower with SVB or any of its affiliates (“Account”)) with respect to: (i) the face amount of a check, draft, money order, instrument, wire transfer of funds, automated clearing house entry, credit from a merchant card transaction, other electronic transfer of funds or other item (x) deposited in or credited to any Account and returned unpaid or otherwise uncollected or subject to an adjustment entry, whether for insufficient funds or for any other reason and without regard to the timeliness of the return or adjustment or the occurrence or timeliness of any other person’s notice of nonpayment or adjustment, (y) subject to a claim against SVB for breach of transfer, presentment, encoding, retention or other warranty under Federal Reserve Regulations or Operating Circulars, clearing house rules, the UCC or other applicable law, or (z) for a merchant card transaction, against which a contractual demand for chargeback has been made; (ii) service charges, fees or expenses payable or reimbursable SVB in connection with any Account or any related services; and (iii) any adjustments or corrections of any posting or encoding errors, for which SVB shall be senior to each other Lender.
Waterfall. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement or any other Loan Document to the contrary, all amounts collected or received by the Administrative Agent or any Lender after acceleration of the Loans pursuant to Section 8.1 shall be applied by the Administrative Agent as follows:
Waterfall. Linn LLC will have a waterfall consistent with the following: (i) an amount equal to the Company Group Emergence Value will first be allocated/distributed to holders of equity other than Class I Units (“Other Equity Holders”); (ii) an amount equal to the Aggregate Priority Catchup (as defined below) will be allocated/distributed to holders of Class I Units (“Class I Unit Holders”); and (iii) residual amounts will be allocated/distributed to Other Equity Holders and Class I Unit Holders relative their respective aggregate distribution percentages (i.e., 96.5% to Other Equity Holders and 3.5% to Class I Units Holders, if all Class I Units are issued and outstanding). For this purpose, the “Aggregate Priority Catchup” is equal to the amount distributed to Other Equity Holders pursuant to clause (i), divided by the aggregate distribution percentage applicable to Other Equity Holders.
Waterfall. (a) Net Cash Flow from the Total Project, excluding the Urban Park, shall be distributed monthly, or as shall otherwise be agreed by OSEG and the City as a “Major Decision” under the Master GP Shareholder’s Agreement, in accordance with the following priorities:
Waterfall. Wells Fargo will apply the following waterfall, in the order listed below, until an Eligible Borrower’s Monthly Payment reaches a DTI of 31%. The DTI may be slightly higher than 31% if the next step or action within the waterfall will result in a DTI below 31%. Once a DTI as close as possible to 31% is reached, Wells Fargo will not apply any additional steps in the waterfall, nor actions within a step. If any step in the waterfall is already achieved, Wells Fargo will proceed to the subsequent step. If all steps of the waterfall have been exhausted and a DTI of 31% can not be achieved, Wells Fargo is not required to offer a MAP2R modification. Following application of the waterfall all loans must pass the NPV test (as outlined in Section V.B.3) before a MAP2R modification must be offered.