Voting Member Sample Clauses

Voting Member. If a Unit is owned by one person, that person's right to vote shall be established by the roster of Owners. If a Unit is owned by more than one person, those persons (including husbands and wives) shall decide among themselves as to who shall cast the vote of the Unit. In the event that those persons cannot so decide, no vote shall be cast. A person casting a vote for a Unit shall be presumed to have the authority to do so unless the President or the Board of Directors is otherwise notified. If a Unit is owned by more than one individual, a corporation, a partnership or a trust, the person entitled to cast the vote for the Unit shall be designated by a ("Voting Certificate"). In the case of a corporation the Voting Certificate shall be signed by an appropriate officer of the corporation and filed with the Secretary, with such person need not being an Owner. Voting Certificates shall be valid until revoked or until superseded by a subsequent Voting Certificate or until a change in the ownership of the concerned. A Voting Certificate designating the person entitled to cast the vote for a Unit may be revoked by any recordowner of an undivided interest in the Unit. If a Voting Certificate designating the person entitled to cast the vote for a Unit for which such certificate is required is not on file or has been revoked, the vote attributable to such shall not be considered in determining whether a quorum is present, nor for any other purpose, and the total number of authorized votes in the Association shall be reduced accordingly until such certificate is filed.
Voting Member. Open to organizations that support the mission of the SCOC and wish to partner for collaborative funding opportunities and the development of community resources for those needing shelter, are at risk of homelessness or seeking affordable housing. Requirements for VOTING Membership:• Attend 3 out of 4 business meetings per calendar year.• Sign MOU that outlines responsibilities to the SCOC.• Agree to participate or chair committees.• Update Membership information on an annual basis.• To advocate on behalf of those that are experiencing homelessness.• To coordinate and work with the WI BOSCoC• To represent the views of the agency or institution for which I am a member of the SCOC.
Voting Member. Upon payment of the annual dues prescribed therefore, any paralegal may become a Voting Member if such person meets the following criteria:
Voting Member is the person or entity designated on behalf of multiple owners of an Accommodation to exercise the vote of such multiple owners in the Association.
Voting Member shall refer to every person and/or entity who holds membership in the Association as Class A Members as defined in Article VI of the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions for The Village on Clayton Pond 1st Addition. ARTICLE 111 MEETING OF MEMBERS ENTITLED TO VOTE All Board and Member meetings, but not Executive Sessions, shall be open to all Members. All Members shall receive notice stating the time, place of the meeting, and the items on the agenda, including the general nature of any proposed amendment to the Declaration or By-Laws, any budget changes, or any proposal to remove a director or officer. During any meeting, the President may recess into Executive Session when a matter demands management of information the Board determines should not be made public for the good of the Association, but not including matters that are illegal or matters contrary to the Governing Documents.