Virginia Public Procurement Act Sample Clauses

Virginia Public Procurement Act. Ocustomer that is neither a unit of Texas Local Government nor a Non-Texas State agency or unit of local government of another state hereby certifies that it has statutory authority to enter in to this Interstate Cooperation Contract and perform its duties hereunder pursuant to
Virginia Public Procurement Act. Contractor agrees to comply with all of the mandatory provisions of the Virginia Public Procurement Act, which are incorporated herein by reference, including those concerning non-discrimination, payment of subcontractors, employment of aliens, maintaining a drug free workplace and maintaining all state licenses and SCC corporate registration. Contractor’s tax identification number is .
Virginia Public Procurement Act. This solicitation is subject to the provisions of the Commonwealth of Virginia VPPA and any changes or revisions thereto, which are hereby incorporated into this contract in their entirety. The procedure for filing contractual claims is in section § 2.2-4363 of the VPPA. A copy of the VPPA is available for review at the purchasing office and is accessible on the Internet at under “I Buy for Virginia.”
Virginia Public Procurement Act. The Lessee agrees to adhere to the Virginia Public Procurement Act if required to by DHCD. The Lessee must submit to the Town, prior to execution, any contracts that potentially involve funds arising out of the Industrial Revitalization Fund.
Virginia Public Procurement Act. This solicitation is subject to the applicable provisions of the Virginia Public Procurement Act, 2.2-4300, et seq., Code of Virginia (1950), as amended (“VPPA”), which are hereby incorporated into the Contract for this procurement in their entirety. Terms and conditions of this IFB not in conflict with the VPPA shall control. The procedure for filing contractual claims is as follows: Contractor’s claims, disputes and other matters relating to the acceptability of the work, the interpretation or the requirements of the Contract, or the performance or furnishing of the work, including, without limitation, requests for changes in the amount to be paid under the Agreement or increases in the time, shall be submitted to AHSB’s designated representative in writing with a request for a formal decision. Contractor shall deliver written notice with supporting data for each such claim, dispute, or other matter promptly, but in no event later than 60 calendar days after final payment; however,written notice of the contractor’s intention to file a claim shall be given at the time of the occurrence or beginning of the work upon which the claim is based. Contractor’s failure to submit written notice of such claim, dispute, or other matter with supporting data to AHSB’s designated representative within the time specified shall be deemed to be and shall constitute a waiver by Contractor of any and all claims for such matters and shall be an absolute bar to any future claim or suit against AHSB for damages or relief of any kind based upon such occurrence or event. AHSB’s designated representative shall deliver a decision regarding such claim or dispute within 60 days of receipt of such claim. In reviewing any such claim or dispute, AHSB may request any additional information or documentation from Contractor or other parties and may utilize appropriate assistance from other sources. Any final decision in writing by AHSB shall be issued to Contractorwithin ninety (90) calendar days from the later of: (i) receipt of the written claim; or (ii) receipt of any additional information requested from the Contractor. Failure of AHSB to render a decision within ninety (90) days shall be deemed a final decision denying the claim and shall not result in the Contractor being awarded the relief claimed or in any other relief or penalty.
Virginia Public Procurement Act. If the award is made to a faith-based organization, the organization shall not discriminate against any recipient of goods, services, or disbursements made pursuant to the contract on the basis of the recipient's religion, religious belief, refusal to participate in a religious practice, or on the basis of race, age, color, gender or national origin and shall be subject to the same rules as other organizations that contract with HRSD to account for the use of the funds provided; however, if the faith-based organization segregates HRSD funds into separate accounts, only the accounts and programs funded with HRSD funds shall be subject to audit by HRSD, (Code of Virginia). In every contract over $10,000 the provisions in 1 and 2 below apply:

Related to Virginia Public Procurement Act

  • OMNIBUS PROCUREMENT ACT OF 1992 It is the policy of New York State to maximize opportunities for the participation of New York State business enterprises, including minority and women-owned business enterprises as bidders, subcontractors and suppliers on its procurement contracts. Information on the availability of New York State subcontractors and suppliers is available from: NYS Department of Economic Development Division for Small Business Albany, New York 12245 Telephone: 518-292-5100 Fax: 518-292-5884 email: A directory of certified minority and women-owned business enterprises is available from: NYS Department of Economic Development Division of Minority and Women's Business Development 633 Third Avenue New York, NY 10017 212-803-2414 email: blic.asp The Omnibus Procurement Act of 1992 requires that by signing this bid proposal or contract, as applicable, Contractors certify that whenever the total bid amount is greater than $1 million:

  • Hatch Act The Subrecipient agrees that no funds provided, nor personnel employed under this Agreement, shall be in any way or to any extent engaged in the conduct of political activities in violation of Chapter 15 of Title V of the U.S.C.

  • Occupational Health and Safety Act The Employer, the Union and the employees agree to be bound by the provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, S.N.S. 1996, c.7.

  • IRAN DIVESTMENT ACT By entering into this Agreement, Contractor certifies in accordance with State Finance Law §165-a that it is not on the “Entities Determined to be Non-Responsive Bidder/Offerer pursuant to the New York State Iran Divestment Act of 2012” (“Prohibited Entities List”) posted at: Finance Law §165-a) is in violation of the above- referenced certifications, the state agency will review such information and offer the person an opportunity to respond. If the person fails to demonstrate that it has ceased its engagement in the investment activity which is in violation of the Act within 90 days after the determination of such violation, then the state agency shall take such action as may be appropriate and provided for by law, rule, or contract, including, but not limited to, imposing sanctions, seeking compliance, recovering damages, or declaring the Contractor in default. The state agency reserves the right to reject any bid, request for assignment, renewal or extension for an entity that appears on the Prohibited Entities List prior to the award, assignment, renewal or extension of a contract, and to pursue a responsibility review with respect to any entity that is awarded a contract and appears on the Prohibited Entities list after contract award. Contractor further certifies that it will not utilize on this Contract any subcontractor that is identified on the Prohibited Entities List. Contractor agrees that should it seek to renew or extend this Contract, it must provide the same certification at the time the Contract is renewed or extended. Contractor also agrees that any proposed Assignee of this Contract will be required to certify that it is not on the Prohibited Entities List before the contract assignment will be approved by the State. During the term of the Contract, should the state agency receive information that a person (as defined in State GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS APPENDIX B APPENDIX B GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS APPENDIX B TABLE OF CONTENTS GENERAL PAGE 1. Ethics Compliance 1 2. Definitions 1-2 BID SUBMISSION

  • General Regulations General regulations, terms and conditions governing rate applications, technical parameters, service availability, definitions and feature interactions, as described in the appropriate VERIZON intrastate local, toll and access tariffs, apply to retail Services made available by VERIZON to SPRINT for resale provided by VERIZON to SPRINT, when appropriate, unless otherwise specified in this Agreement. As applied to Services offered under this Agreement, the term "Customer" contained in the VERIZON retail tariff shall be deemed to mean "SPRINT" as defined in this Agreement.

  • Texas Public Information Act To the extent, if any, that any provision in this Agreement is in conflict with Tex. Gov’t Code 552.001 et seq., as amended (the “Public Information Act”), the same shall be of no force or effect. Furthermore, it is expressly understood and agreed that Owner, its officers and employees may request advice, decisions and opinions of the Attorney General of the State of Texas in regard to the application of the Public Information Act to any information or data furnished to Owner whether or not the same are available to the public. It is further understood that Owner, its officers and employees shall have the right to rely on the advice, decisions and opinions of the Attorney General, and that Owner, its officers and employees shall have no liability or obligation to Contractor for the disclosure to the public, or to any person or persons, of any software or a part thereof, or other items or data furnished to Owner by Contractor in reliance of any advice, decision or opinion of the Attorney General of the State of Texas.