Use Restriction Sample Clauses

Use Restriction. (a) If a natural disaster, incident or any other emergency situation occurs or is likely to occur, SORACOM may restrict the use of the SORACOM Private Network Service by the Subscriber in order to give priority to communications whose content are necessary for the prevention of or relief from calamities, for the securing of transportation, communications or electric power supply, the maintenance of public order or any other public interest.
Use Restriction. Sublessee shall not cause or permit any Hazardous Material to be used, stored, generated, discharged, treated, transported to or from, released or disposed of in, on, over, through, or about the Sublease Premises, or any other land or improvements in the vicinity of the Sublease Premises, without the prior written consent of Master Lessor and Sublessor, which consent may be withheld in the sole and absolute discretion of Master Lessor and/or Sublessor. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, (a) any use, storage, generation, discharge, treatment, transportation, release, or disposal of Hazardous Material by Sublessee shall strictly comply with all applicable Hazardous Material Laws, and (b) if the presence of Hazardous Material on the Sublease Premises caused or permitted by Sublessee or its agents, employees, invitees, visitors or contractors results in contamination of the Sublease Premises or any soil, air, ground or surface waters under, through, over, on, in or about the Sublease Premises, Sublessee, at its expense, shall promptly take all actions necessary to return the Sublease Premises to the condition existing prior to the existence of such Hazardous Material.
Use Restriction. Executive shall use the Trade Secrets, other Confidential Information and/or Inventions only for the limited purpose for which they were disclosed. Executive shall not disclose the Trade Secrets, other Confidential Information and/or Inventions to any third party without first obtaining written consent from the Board of Directors and shall disclose the Trade Secrets, other Confidential Information and/or Inventions only to Employer's own employees having a need know. Executive shall promptly notify the Board of Directors of any items of Trade Secrets prematurely disclosed.
Use Restriction. Consultant shall not receive, possess, store, access, view and/or use Confidential Information for any purpose other than an Authorized Use. Consultant shall not permit unauthorized persons or entities to gain access to Confidential Information and shall not divulge methods of accessing Confidential Information to unauthorized persons.
Use Restriction. As the Purchaser, you may physically transfer the products from one location to another provided that the software/firmware is not copied. You may not electronically transfer the software/firmware from the products to any other device. You may not disclose, publish, translate, release or distribute copies of the software/firmware or accompanying written materials to others. You may not modify, adapt, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or create derivative works based on the software/firmware. You may not modify; adapt, translate, or create derivative works based on the written materials without the prior written consent of LABS.
Use Restriction. Employee shall use any Trade Secret only for the limited purpose for which it was disclosed. Employee shall not disclose any Trade Secret to any third party (including subcontractors) other than in accordance with customary practices and existing agreements with customers and shall disclose the Trade Secret only to other employees of Employer or as provided under such agreements with customers having a need to know. Employee shall promptly notify Employer of any Trade Secret disclosed other than in accordance herewith.
Use Restriction. The Tokens delivered pursuant to this DDA are subject to the Use Restriction until such Tokens have unlocked. The unlocking commencement date of the Tokens will be the date of the Token Distribution Event. The unlocking schedule for the Tokens will be that 1/24th of the Tokens will unlock upon the Token Distribution Event, and an additional 1/24th of the Tokens will unlock upon the completion of each 4,320 additional blockchain blocks on the Blockstack Network after the Token Distribution Event.
Use Restriction. Employee acknowledges that Employee has had and will continue to have access to and be provided with Confidential Information in connection with performing services for Company. Employee expressly recognizes that the efficacy and profitability of Company and its owners and Affiliates is dependent in part upon Employee’s protection of the Confidential Information. Employee may use the Confidential Information solely in connection with performing services for Company and its owners and Affiliates. To ensure the continued confidentiality of the Confidential Information, Employee agrees to hold the Confidential Information in strict confidence. Employee shall not, either during Employee’s relationship with Company, or for such period as such information remains Confidential Information after termination, disclose or use for Employee’s own benefit or for the benefit of any other individual or third party, directly or indirectly, any of the Confidential Information, except as such disclosure or use is expressly authorized by Company in writing. Employee hereby agrees to adhere to the method and form of protection of Confidential Information required by Company, subject to change at Company’s sole discretion. Employee shall not communicate any Confidential Information, even in furtherance of Company’s business, to any individual or third party not privy to the Confidential Information, without express consent by Company and the individual or third party’s agreement to be bound by confidentiality terms that adequately protect Company’s Confidential Information.