URUGUAY Sample Clauses

URUGUAY. There are no country-specific provisions.
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URUGUAY. There are no country-specific provisions. VENEZUELA
URUGUAY. There are no country-specific provisions. VIETNAM Terms and Conditions
URUGUAY. Data Privacy Acknowledgement. This provision supplements Section 16 of the Agreement: The Participant understands that Data will be collected by the Service Recipient and will be transferred to the Company at 00 Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxx, Xxxxxxxx, Xxx Xxxxxx 00000, XXX and/or any financial institutions or brokers involved in the management and administration of the Plan. The Participant further understands that any of these entities may store Data for purposes of administering the Participant's participation in the Plan.
URUGUAY. Any discrepancy that may arise between the parties in the execution, interpretation or compliance of this Agreement that may not be directly resolved shall be submitted to the Montevideo Courts ("Tribunales Ordinarios de Montevideo"). Venezuela: The parties agree to submit any conflict related to this Agreement, existing between them to the Courts of the Metropolitan Area of the City of Caracas.
URUGUAY. Trade Agreement signed Aug. 12, Exchange of most-favoured-nation 1936; in force May 15, 1940. Ad• ditional Protocol signed Oct. 19, 1953. GATT effective Dec. 16, 1953. treatment. May be terminated on six months notice. VIET NAM. Franco-Canadian Trade Agreement Since the creation of Viet Nam as of 1933 applied to Viet Nam. an independent State, Canada has continued to accord most• favoured-nation rates.
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URUGUAY. Data Privacy The following provision supplements Section 10 of the Agreement:
URUGUAY. Fisheries, Print Media, Radio and Television, Railway Transportation Services, Road Transportation Services, Maritime Transportation Services and Ancillary Service, Air Services United States: Atomic Energy, Mining, Air Transportation, Customs Brokers, Radiocommunications Licenses, and restrictions on securities registration and OPIC insurance eligibility. Xxxxx XX
URUGUAY. Road, Railway, Airport, and Port Services and Infrastructure; Water and Gas Distribution Services; preferences for minorities; restrictions on transfers of shares in certain state-held enterprises to Uruguayan nationals; Postal Services; Social Services; Traditional Events and Festivities; Railway Transportation Services and Ancillary Services; differential treatment pursuant to existing international treaties; and Ground Transportation. United States: Radio/Satellite Communications; Cable Television; Social Services; Minority Affairs; measures relating to U.S.- flagged maritime vessels; and differential treatment pursuant to existing international treaties; Xxxxx XXX Uruguay: Financial Services/Banking and Insurance; United States: Financial Services/Banking; Insurance; and general Financial Services
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