URUGUAY Sample Clauses

URUGUAY. Any discrepancy that may arise between the parties in the execution, interpretation or compliance of this Agreement that may not be directly resolved shall be submitted to the Montevideo Courts ("Tribunales Ordinarios de Montevideo"). Venezuela: The parties agree to submit any conflict related to this Agreement, existing between them to the Courts of the Metropolitan Area of the City of Caracas.
URUGUAY. Road, Railway, Airport, and Port Services and Infrastructure; Water and Gas Distribution Services; preferences for minorities; restrictions on transfers of shares in certain state-held enterprises to Uruguayan nationals; Postal Services; Social Services; Traditional Events and Festivities; Railway Transportation Services and Ancillary Services; differential treatment pursuant to existing international treaties; and Ground Transportation. United States: Radio/Satellite Communications; Cable Television; Social Services; Minority Affairs; measures relating to U.S.- flagged maritime vessels; and differential treatment pursuant to existing international treaties; Xxxxx XXX Uruguay: Financial Services/Banking and Insurance; United States: Financial Services/Banking; Insurance; and general Financial Services
URUGUAY. Uruguay has the smallest population among MERCOSUR members (3.5 million). U.S. exports to Uruguay increased by 47 percent to $939 million in 2008, while imports decreased by 54 percent to $224 million. The United States-Uruguay commercial relationship has seen significant growth in the past several years. In 0000, Xxxxxxx and the United States created a Joint Commission on Trade and Investment (JCTI) to exchange ideas on a variety of bilateral economic topics. A Bilateral Investment Treaty entered into force in November 2006. In January 2007, the two governments signed a Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA), and have utilized the framework to exchange ideas on a variety of economic topics, including customs issues, intellectual property protection, investment, labor, and the environment. On October 2, 2008, the two governments signed two protocols to the TIFA covering substantive commitments in the areas of trade facilitation and public participation in trade and environment.
URUGUAY. Monaco Countries marked with a t in the above table may withdraw funds from their PayPal account to a local bank account, and are consideredWithdrawal Countries”. Non-U.S. Users in some countries may not use the Service to receive payments, and may only use the Service to send payments. These countries are designated on the PayPal U.S. Accounts page. If you are an Non-U.S. User, you warrant that you are violating no law or regulation by your use of PayPal
URUGUAY. There are no country specific provisions. VENEZUELA
URUGUAY. The Eastern band of Uruguay craved by the Empire of Brazil was annexed after the battle of Tacuarembó in 1820 as the Cisplatin Province. But in 1828 the Uruguayan – Argentine army manage to expel the imperial troops and by the 1828 Treaty of Montevideo, the Empire of Brazil and the Republic of Argentina recognized the independence of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay whose border with Argentina is established by the Uruguay River.