Unacceptable Sample Clauses

Unacceptable. (1) Office phone is only answered during office hours.
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Unacceptable. This level of performance does not meet minimum expectations and requires urgent interventions and support.  Rating 2: Satisfies minimum expectations. This level of performance is acceptable and is in line with minimum expectations, but development and support are still required.  Rating 3: Good. Performance is good and meets expectations, but some areas are still in need of development and support.  Rating 4: Outstanding. Performance is outstanding and exceeds expectations. Although performance is excellent, continuous self-development and improvement are advised.
Unacceptable. A determination by majority vote will be made regarding the rating of each of the assessed areas and a record of these results shall be communicated to the candidate. The Committee shall make its recommendations based only on the criteria listed in this article.
Unacceptable. Performance which fails to meet the Fully Successful level for a critical element. Also refers to the summary rating assigned if an employee is rated Unacceptable in one or more critical elements.
Unacceptable. (a) ▪ No evidence of strategic planning and EMD
Unacceptable. For the Final Evaluation prior to consideration of the teacher’s contract, based upon the above performance summary, the teacher is: Recommended for renewal.
Unacceptable. (a)  Educator conveys inaccurate and limited knowledge of learning area.
Unacceptable. (a)  No evidence of meaningful feedback to learners, or feedback irregular and inconsistent.
Unacceptable. (a)  The educator is insensitive to learner needs.
Unacceptable. (a)  The educator is not involved in extra-curricular or co- curricular activities