Unacceptable Sample Clauses

Unacceptable. (1) Office phone is only answered during office hours.
Unacceptable. The following proposals will automatically not be considered or accepted:• Proposals that are received after the RFP deadline at the specified receiving office.• Proposals received by fax.• Incomplete proposals.• Proposals that are not signed.
Unacceptable. A determination by majority vote will be made regarding the rating of each of the assessed areas and a record of these results shall be communicated to the candidate. The Committee shall make its recommendations based only on the criteria listed in this article.
Unacceptable. Turning in any portion of someone's work without crediting the author of that work, if they are not from the sources mentioned above. • Using project solutions from earlier offerings of this or any other classSoliciting help from an online source where not all potential respondents are subject to the UCLA Student Conduct CodeReceiving from another person (other than the instructor or a TA) a code fragment that solves any portion of a programming assignmentWriting for or with another student (except your partner) a code fragment that solves any portion of a programming assignment In any event, you are responsible for coding, understanding, and being able to explain on your own or as a team all project work that you submit. Be especially careful about giving a copy of your work to a friend who "just wants to look at it to get some ideas". Frequently, that friend ends up panicking and simply copies your work, thus betraying you and putting you through the hassle of an academic discipline hearing. The Xxxx has additional advice.
Unacceptable. 2.1 Continues to develop professionally through district in-service opportunities, university course work, conferences, workshops, and the reading of professional journals and books.
Unacceptable. This Exhibit does not apply to ticketing for Code Share Flights except as referenced in paragraph A above. Unacceptable tickets may include but not be limited to the following types of documents/fares. Except when a separate agreement for settlement of such document/fare exists between the carriers, in the event such documents/fares are issued for Code Share Flights, they shall be settled pursuant to Attachment B, paragraph B.2:
Unacceptable. For the Final Evaluation prior to consideration of the teacher’s contract, based upon the above performance summary, the teacher is: Recommended for renewal.
Unacceptable. Denim jackets worn indoorsShort (half) jackets worn indoors
Unacceptable. The Borrower shall cause each hazard insurance policy to provide, and the insurer issuing each such policy to certify to the Agent, that (a) if such insurance be proposed to be canceled or materially changed for any reason whatsoever, such insurer will promptly notify the Agent and such cancellation or change shall not be effective for 30 days after receipt by the Agent of such notice, unless the effect of such change is to extend or increase coverage under the policy; (b) the Agent, for the benefit of the Term Lenders, shall be named as lender loss payee with respect to personal property and mortgagee with respect to real property; and (c) the Agent will have the right, at its election, to remedy any default in the payment of premiums within 30 days of notice from the insurer of such default. The foregoing covenants regarding insurance are in addition to, and not intended to supersede, those covenants regarding insurance set forth in the Security Documents. In the event and to the extent of any conflict between the provisions of this Agreement and the provisions of the Security Documents regarding the insuring of Collateral, the provisions of the Security Documents with respect thereto shall govern.
Unacceptable. Jeans of any style or color (except on specified days)• Spandex (bicycle), sweatpants, or windpants (windpants may be worn on P.E. days)• Pants that are not a solid color• Tight-fitting pants• Over-sized or baggy pants• Frayed, worn, or pants designed with patches• Pants longer than the heel of the shoe• Pants with chains