Successful Sample Clauses

Successful. BIDDER RESPONSIBILITIES The successful bidder agrees to the following responsibilities:
Successful. ACS must require the use of a mandatory free text Reasons field for Unsuccessful Service and generate a next attempt activity when one is required.
Successful. ACS workflow must proceed to 1.2.4 for a successful service. For an unsuccessful service, the file workflow must proceed to 1.4.2.
Successful. ACS must enable the following: If the mailer is successfully delivered (and not returned unclaimed or not received in X days) then the ACS file workflow must automatically move to the next step (2.2.8 Record Green Card). If not, the file moves to 2.2.9 (Auto Generate Trip Ticket). ACS must enable an affirmative record of successful delivery upon receipt of the certified mailer green card (see below).
Successful. 1.2.4 Fee Transfer to Revenue Account
Successful. On an overall basis the employee's performance has, during the review period, been at or above the expected level. A merit increase of 0% to 3% may be granted for this performance review rating with approval of the City Manager.
Successful. Tenderer will have to enter into a detailed contract agreement with CICR on non-judicial stamp paper of Rs. 100/- (Rs. One Hundred Only) for each work.
Successful. R&D Outcome will be determined to be successful if the R&D stage results in one or more live bone osteotomy repair reasonable proof-of-concept tests results. The tests must be of internal fixation using BMG hardware in live animal osteotomy repair. Test results must show evidence of primary bone healing, and include weight bearing and ambulation, soon after recovery from general anesthesia. Evidence of primary bone healing is in that the body skips gap widening and largely skips sub- periosteal inflammation and proceeds directly to Haversian Remodeling in most fracture zone areas of bone-to-bone contact and most of those separated by less than 10 microns. Successful for this stage does not require statistical validity, full optimization nor yet the elimination of all potential failure modes, such as fretting, cystic changes or localized areas of necrosis. Further, it is expected that some gaps wider than 10 microns will be filled with soft or hard callus reactions that will subsequently proceed to Haversian remodeling.
Successful. Tenderer(s) must necessarily operate the contract, minimum for 50% of the contract period, failing which the licensee / lessee may be debarred from participating in any tender in the AAI for a period of 01 (ONE) year.
Successful. Continued to supply Letters of Support and advice to Community Groups for Grant Applications. • Working with local tourism operators and event organisers on the following funding opportunities: Tourism Product Development Fund (Closes 31 March): • Stream 1 - Refresh and Renew Fund: Offering $10,000 grants to regional tourism operators to update their product or experience. • Stream 2 - Experience Enhancement Fund: Provides between $50,000 and $150,000 in matched funding to assist operators upgrade existing accommodation to improve their star rating, upgrade business and leisure event venues and facilities, repurpose existing infrastructure to provide new facilities or experiences not currently available within the destination, or to create new tourism attractions or experiences. Regional Business Event Development Fund (Closes 30 April): Grants of up to $30,000 to create, attract and support business events for regional NSW, and to motivate business event owners to incorporate regional NSW in their plans.