ACCEPTABLE Sample Clauses

ACCEPTABLE. COUNTERPARTIES A Portfolio may only enter into OTC FDI, repo contracts and securities lending arrangements with counterparties in accordance with the requirements of the Central Bank UCITS Regulations where a credit assessment has been undertaken. Such counterparties will be entities with legal personality typically located in OECD jurisdictions. Where the counterparty is subject to a credit rating by any agency registered and supervised by ESMA, that rating shall be taken into account in the credit assessment. Where a counterparty is downgraded to A2 or below (or comparable rating) by such a credit rating agency, a new credit assessment in respect of the counterparty will be undertaken without delay.
ACCEPTABLE. The response on the whole is acceptable though there may be some minor reservations about the supplier's ability to fully meet the detailed criteria. However, the evaluation team are confident that these minor problems can be resolved. 5 Wholly Acceptable – From the evidence provided the prospective supplier appears to have the ability to fully meet the detailed criteria, and may provide additional value in delivering the service.
ACCEPTABLE. (1) Office phone is answered after hours by an answering service that can contact the PCP or another designated medical practitioner and the PCP or designee is available to return the call within a maximum of thirty (30) minutes;
ACCEPTABLE. Scuff marks up to 75mm (3 inches) which do not break the paint or adversely affect the overall appearance of the Vehicle.
ACCEPTABLE. Minor body dents, typically those caused by door-to-door contact, provided that:-
ACCEPTABLE. A maximum of 3 chips per windscreen, of less than 5mm providing they do not obscure the driver’s line of vision.
ACCEPTABLE. Funds All money payable under this agreement, unless otherwise specified, shall be paid either: (a) in cash, but not more than $1,000 shall be paid in cash; (b) by good certified check of Purchaser, or official check of any bank, savings bank, trust company, or savings and loan association which is a member of the New York Clearing House, payable to the direct order of Seller; or (c) by wire transfer; or (d) by attorney's escrow check; or (e) as otherwise agreed to by the parties or their attorneys.