TUNISIA Sample Clauses

TUNISIA. 1. Your counterparty to this Agreement is Citibank N.A. Tunis and you hereby further undertake the following:
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TUNISIA. These country specific provisions apply if you are located in Tunisia. In such case, Section 4.2 shall be replaced as follows:
TUNISIA. A general convention between France and Tu- nisia signed June 3, 1955, provided inter alia
TUNISIA. Franco-Canadian Trade Agreement Since the creation of Tunisia aa an of 1933 applied to Tunisia (Tuni sia is in customs union with France). independent State in 1956, Canada has continued to grant most• favoured-nation rates.
TUNISIA. The current CDM portfolio of Tunisia comprises eighty ten projects are in advanced CDM status in the CDM project pipeline in Tunisia (have at least initiated PDD development): 3 projects are registered (of which 1 PoA), 3 projects are under validation and 12 projects are in PDD development stage. In July 2011, the first Tunisian PoA has been registered after more than two years since the beginning of validation. Besides, 5 programs were identified of which 2 PoAs have detailed PINs, already approved by the DNA. From this portfolio, the following project/ programs were identified as prioritized: • Partial substitution of fossil fuels with biomass at «Les Cements Artificial Tunisians» cement plant, Tunis. • Tunis light rail transit project • Biomass Power Generation ProjectDistribution of 4 million CFLs to customers of the Tunisian Electricity and Gas Company (STEG) with 1 to 2 kVA capacity. • Tunisian cogeneration development program (PoA)
TUNISIA. DEFENSE TIAS Number Agreement Title NP Agreement concerning health care for military members and their dependents. Signed February 4 and March 5, 2013. Entered into force March 5, 2013. NP Basic exchange and cooperation agreement concerning geospatial information, with annexes. Signed at Springfield and Tunis March 10 and 25, 2013. Entered into force March 25, 2013.
TUNISIA. Strengthening the stranding network through trainings on: [1] necropsy; [2] diet • Habitat modelling; • Creating a photo-identification database; • Setting up of a tissue bank; • Passive acoustic training: [1] MMO / WFP; [2] Noise (marine traffic - Seismic activities); [3] Ethology.
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TUNISIA. Franco-Canadian Trade Agreement of Since the creation of Tunisia as an inde- 1933 applied to Tunisia. Tunisia has acceded to GATT provision- ally. pendent state in 1956, Canada has con- tinued to grant most-favoured-nation treatment.
TUNISIA. Agreement regarding the Waiver of Visa Requirements for the holders of Diplomatic and Special or Official Passports. Entry into force: 20070614 20040713 Burkina Faso Agreement on a Framework of Cooperation. Entry into force: 20040713 (r) 20040713 Burkina Faso Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation. Entry into force: 20040713 20040720 United Nations Memorandum of Understanding relating to Cooperation in the United Nations On-Line Network of Regional Institutions for Capacity Building in Public Administration and Finance. Entry into force: 20040720 20040728 Rwanda Agreement on the Waiver of Visa or Permit Requirements for holders of Diplomatic and Official/Service Passports. 20040728 Rwanda Memorandum of Understanding with regard to Cooperation in Training, Legislation, in the use of Information Technology and Exchange of Information in Immigration. 20040728 (s) Entry into force: 20040728 20040802 United Kingdom (UK) Memorandum of Understanding concerning the Provision of Personnel to Advise on Aspects of Democratic Defence Management and Peace Support Operations. 20040802 (s) Entry into force: 20040802 20040802 United Kingdom (UK) Supplementary Arrangement concerning the Provision of Support during Exercises, Training and Operations. Entry into force: 20040802 20040802 USAID Amendment Number Eleven to the Project Grant Agreement for the Criminal Justice Strengthening Program Entry into force: 20040802 20040802 USAID Amendment Number Four to the Grant Agreement for the Fiscal Management of Urban Environmental Infrastructure Entry into force: 20040802 20040802
TUNISIA. The NSA would identify and demonstrate the means of optimizing rangeland productivity through, introduction and support of participatory systems for management of communal rangelands. The Office de l’Elevage et du Paturage would coordinate the program under the supervision of the Ministry of the Environment.
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