Tree Care Sample Clauses

Tree Care. (1) Trimming:
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Tree Care. A certified arborist shall be utilized in the maintenance of the trees located on HOA property
Tree Care. 6.1 The Contractor shall perform all tree services up to a height of 15’. All pruning shall be ‘Complete.’ (see Attachment Tree Standards).
Tree Care. All trees will be continually pruned in accordance to International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and ANSI standards and practices, to maintain the integrity of the tree and clear all walkways and roads. Trees will be maintained in a fashion to encourage the natural form and shape of the tree. Staking and guying will be inspected and adjusted to prevent girding damage to trunk or limbs. Fertilization of trees is included in this contract and will be conducted three times per year. Fertilization of trees shall consist of a commercial organic type, either liquid or granular, or to maintain healthy soils by incorporating organic matter, making regular pH adjustments.
Tree Care. Pruning - All trees on the work site shall be maintained in their natural shape whether specifically mentioned or not. Trees shall be pruned in a manner to select and develop permanent scaffold branches that are smaller in diameter than the trunk to branch to which they are attached; to provide radical orientation so as not to overlay on another; to eliminate narrow “V” shaped branch forks that lack strength; to reduce toppling and wind damage by thinning out crowns; to maintain growth within space limitations and to balance the crown with roots. To be pruned to allow for an eight foot clearance under the trees. All shoots and suckers will be removed from the base of the trees. All pruning cuts will be made flush. “Stubbing” will not be permitted. Pruning for general clean up of trees is recommended in the winter or fall. Tree pruning is limited to trees 10 feet, or less, in height. Palm tree trimming is included one time per year during winter months. Maintain and replace stakes with equal material on all existing trees until the plant is capable of standing vertically and resisting high winds. Tree Basins - A cleared circle shall be maintained at the base of trees to reduce competition for nutrients by lawns and groundcovers, and to prevent damage from mowing equipment.
Tree Care. All trees located on the station grounds are included in routine maintenance and are apart of this Agreement.
Tree Care. 9.1 Pruning Once or twice a year have a certified arborist do major trimming of tree structure usually in the spring (March and April), again in June if necessary. Maintenance landscape contractor only to do minor trimming of branches in walkways, etc. Certified arborists are Xxxxxx Xxxxx at Site Works and Xxx Xxxxxxx at Artistic Arborist. 9.1.1 Major tree pruning should happen in April & June, selective pruning throughout year of young branches. Pruning shall not be allowed in December or January. 9.1.2 Trim trees in natural form 9.1.2 All pruning cuts shall be made flush. Proper healing substances, such as tree seal, shall be applied to all cul surfaces, one inch in diameter or more. 9.1.3 Pruning for general clean-up and health of trees is recommended in the Spring and Summer months, April and June. 9.1.4 Trim trees to maintain natural form. No Skirting shall be allowed.
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Tree Care a. Removal of dead limbs and branches from trees to a height of 15' shall occur once a year by request of the OWNER or CUSTOMER. No pruning should be performed on live wood that would affect the fullness or intended character of tree.
Tree Care. All tree work shall be supervised by an International Society of Arboriculture (“ISA”) or National Arborist Association (“NAA”) certified arborist. All work shall be performed in accordance with guidelines set forth in the latest editions of ANSI Z133.1 and ANSI A 300 (Safety and Pruning Standards) as published by the American National Standards Institute. Under all circumstances, this work should be performed so as to ensure the highest possible value for each tree is maintained, based on the ISA Standard Valuation Guidelines. Other Standards of practice as published by the United States Department of Agriculture, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services - Division of Forestry, and/or University of Florida/Florida Cooperative Extension Service - Institute of Food and Agriculture Sciences, may be referenced when local conditions are not specifically addressed by the NAA or ISA guidelines. All persons performing tree work within the City shall possess a valid Broward County issued Tree Trimmers License. Mulch shall not be placed closer than five inches from the base of trees or palms.
Tree Care. A. All trees are to be maintained in a manner that will promote normal, healthy growth.
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