High Winds Sample Clauses

High Winds. (i) The occurrence of high winds, whilst constituting ‘inclement weather’ affecting some work processes, does not give rise to an entitlement for any Employee whose work is suspended to leave the site and be paid. Payment will not be made for time so lost. The provisions of clauses 30.4 and 30.5 do not apply to the time any work is suspended due to the effects of high wind.
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High Winds. Sailboats will not be available to be borrowed when winds exceed eighteen (18) knots, when inclement weather is present or forecasted, or when Small Craft Warnings are in effect. Use of sailboats will also be suspended when thunderstorms threaten.
High Winds. Buyer is aware that some of the Xxxxxx Ranch and Granada Hills areas as well as other areas may be considered "HIGH WIND" locations. Xxxxx is advised to make his/her own independent investigation.

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  • Roommates The Resident may be notified prior to move-in the name and contact information of their roommate (and vice-versa). This disclosure is to enable the roommates to get acquainted and to arrange bringing common supplies to the Residence. Roommate changes may be requested for cause at any time. The Manager’s first priority is to try to mediate any dispute between roommates. If a roommate change is required roommates may be moved to different Rooms (subject to availability within the Residence and to the Manager discretion), unless another Agreement can be reached amongst all parties involved.

  • Coverage Under the Minnesota Advantage Health Plan From July 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019, health coverage under the SEGIP will continue at the level in effect on June 30, 2019. Effective January 1, 2020, Advantage will cover eligible services subject to the copayments, deductibles and coinsurance coverage limits stated. Services provided through Advantage are subject to the managed care procedures and principles, including standards of medical necessity and appropriate practice, of the plan administrators. Coverage details are provided in the Advantage Summary of Benefits.

  • LOCATION WITHIN ENTERPRISE OR REINVESTMENT ZONE At the time of the Application Approval Date, the Land is within an area designated either as an enterprise zone, pursuant to Chapter 2303 of the TEXAS GOVERNMENT CODE, or a reinvestment zone, pursuant to Chapter 311 or 312 of the TEXAS TAX CODE. The legal description, and information concerning the designation, of such zone is attached to this Agreement as EXHIBIT 1 and is incorporated herein by reference for all purposes.

  • School Calendar The Dual Credit course schedule will be determined by the location of the course delivery, provided that the required contact hours and prerequisites are met. The instructional calendar for the high school portion of the School will be based on the School District calendar and comply with all related TEA regulations for school attendance. The School District will adjust its schedule as necessary to enable Students to enroll in and attend the college- level courses provided by College. The School District and College will coordinate the State Student assessment requirements to ensure said assessments are administered without penalty. The School District, School and College will ensure that the School calendar accounts for the required per-semester contact hours for courses. When the instructional delivery is on the College site, it may be necessary for Students to attend classes on days when the School District is closed (e.g., different holiday closures). When Students take classes at the College scheduled on days when School is closed, the School District will ensure that at least one staff member with administrative authority be on call and available to be reached by the College’s Office of High School Programs or other College staff in case of emergency. The designated School staff member will have access to Student emergency contact information. While the College agrees to make scheduling accommodations for required State assessments, including the STAAR and End of Course Exams, all contact hour requirements must be met. For assessments not mandated by the State, the College and School District will come to a mutual agreement on administration dates in order to appropriately manage disruptions of college courses and ensure contact hour requirements are met.

  • One Semester Summer 2022 A Only Date of Cancellation Total Cost of Cancelled Agreement Upon Move Out

  • STEP II If the employee desires to appeal the grievance to Step II, the grievance shall be reduced to writing and presented to the Department Director or his/her designated representative, within five (5) working days following the receipt of the immediate supervisor's oral reply.

  • Excess Travelling Time As well as the above-mentioned Fares allowance, excess travelling time is payable if the work site is beyond 50 kilometres from the workshop or registered office. Where an employee is required to travel to a job site outside the 50 kilometres from the Employer’s registered office or depot the employee will be paid the following: • A payment for time travelled in excess of the 50 kilometres with a minimum payment of a quarter of an hour. The rate will be: – Ordinary time Monday to Friday – Time and one half on Saturday and Sunday – Double time on public holidays • It is agreed between the parties that travel for the purposes of clause

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