Transition Time Sample Clauses

Transition Time. 27 Employees shall be paid appropriate travel time when a single, district designated assignment requires travel 28 between two work sites. Employees are not eligible to assume extra assignments/hours or bid on additional 29 positions that do not provide adequate transition time between work sites to allow the employee to fulfill 30 the required time for each assignment. Employees bidding on and/or accepting two separate assignments 31 shall not be compensated for travel between two separate job sites. 32 33 Employees should work with building administrators to ensure appropriate transition time between 34 assignments at the same site. 35
Transition Time. To facilitate a smooth transition between semesters, there will be a Duty free, non-student day scheduled between semesters. This day is not compensated, and on-site attendance is optional.
Transition Time. 25 Reasonable time shall be included within the employee's workday to move from one 26 assignment/group to the next within the building. Transition time will not interrupt 27 lunches or personal breaks. 28 30 Section 7.15 Grounds.
Transition Time. It is understood that the Interim Superintendent may require some transition time with the outgoing Superintendent prior to July 1, 2020. Up to five (5) days may be used toward this transition, with compensation days being provided after July 1st for each day needed.
Transition Time. The DISTRICT and the SUPERITENDENT agree there is some benefit to having some time for him/her to work with the outgoing SUPERINTENDENT, _ . To that end, the parties agree that the SUPERINTENDENT can work out a transition schedule for the last two (2) weeks of June that includes up to a maximum of ten (10) work days. The SUPERINTENDENT will be compensated at his/her daily per diem rate for each day he worked up to the maximum of ten (10) days.
Transition Time. During a workday, if an employee is scheduled in more than one location, reasonable time to transition from one assignment to the next, including before and after meal periods, will be identified in the employee’s schedule. Transition time is included within the fifteen minute rest break.
Transition Time. 22 The District recognizes that Para Educators have numerous duties and will discuss schedules 23 with direct supervisors (Principals) to avoid timeline conflicts while in transit to other duties. 24 Each Para Educators workday schedule shall be set by the Building Principal. 26 Section 7.11. Transportation. 27

Related to Transition Time

  • Vacation Time After the Trial Period is complete, the Employee is entitled to days off per year of which is required to be mutually benefiting of the Employer and the Employee. It is required for the Employee to give notice before scheduling their vacation in accordance with Company policy. Any unused Vacation Time shall be (check one): ☐ - Converted to cash at the end of the year at a rate of $ per day. ☐ - Eligible to rollover up to days to the next year. ☐ - Forfeited at the end of the year. ☐ - Other: .

  • Transition Period Upon termination of this Agreement, and for 90 consecutive calendar days thereafter (the “TRANSITION PERIOD”), Executive agrees to make himself available to assist the Company with transition projects assigned to him by the Board. Executive will be paid at a reasonable, agreed upon hourly rate for any work performed for the Company during the Transition Period.

  • Preparation Time 1. Each full-time elementary teacher shall receive 100 minutes of preparation time per week scheduled in accordance with the Previous Collective Agreement.

  • Valuation Time At the close of trading of the regular trading session on the Exchange; provided that if the principal trading session is extended, the Calculation Agent shall determine the Valuation Time in its reasonable discretion.

  • Effective Time Subject to the provisions of this Agreement, at the Closing, the Company will cause a certificate of merger (the “Certificate of Merger”) to be executed, acknowledged and filed with the Secretary of State of the State of Delaware in accordance with Section 251 of the DGCL. The Merger will become effective at such time as the Certificate of Merger has been duly filed with the Secretary of State of the State of Delaware or at such later date or time as may be agreed by the Company and Merger Sub in writing and specified in the Certificate of Merger in accordance with the DGCL (the effective time of the Merger being hereinafter referred to as the “Effective Time”).

  • Transition Plan In the event of termination by the LHIN pursuant to this section, the LHIN and the HSP will develop a Transition Plan. The HSP agrees that it will take all actions, and provide all information, required by the LHIN to facilitate the transition of the HSP’s clients.

  • Transition Seller will not take any action that is designed or intended to have the effect of discouraging any lessor, licensor, customer, supplier, or other business associate of the Company from maintaining the same business relationships with the Company after the Closing as it maintained with the Company prior to the Closing. The Seller will refer all customer inquiries relating to the business of the Company to the Purchaser from and after the Closing.