transitional period definition

transitional period means the period starting on the commencement date and ending six months after that day.
transitional period means the period of time beginning on the
transitional period means the period beginning on 1 January 1999 and ending on 31 December 2001,

Examples of transitional period in a sentence

  • Comtec Malaysia is obliged to ensure the safety and entirety of the Target Assets during the Transitional Period and not to take any action which might hinder the normal operation of the Target Assets after the Closing Date.

  • Comtec Malaysia shall give its full co- operation to the Designated Personnel in connection herewith.Comtec Malaysia undertakes to ensure that the Target Assets shall be in normal operation during the Transitional Period and to timely inform Longi the operational status of the Target Assets by e-mail or otherwise in writing.

  • Any guarantee provided by Comtec Malaysia or any other agreement or action in the Transitional Period which might lead to any abnormal change of the Target Assets or the rights and benefits of Comtec Malaysia shall be approved in writing by Longi or the representatives of Longi.REASONS FOR AND BENEFITS OF THE PROPOSED DISPOSALComtec Malaysia was established in 2013 by the Company to expand the Group’s production capacity in its solar-grade monocrystalline silicon business.

  • It was founded in Antioquia in 1986 during the Transitional Period (1975-1991) that slowly dismantled the National Front institutions.

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transitional period means ten years from the date of application of the Agreement, for a product for which the tariff elimination schedules for goods originating in Colombia and Peru, as set out in Subsections 1 and 2 of Section B of Appendix 1 (Elimination of Customs Duties) of Annex I to the Agreement ("Tariff Elimination Schedule") provides for a tariff elimination period of less than ten years, or the tariff elimination period plus three years for a product for which the Tariff Elimination Schedule provides for a tariff elimination period of ten or more years.
transitional period means period of 5 years beginning on the appointed day;
transitional period. The Transitional Period for a Holding shall commence on the Effective Date of such Holding and shall end on the last day of the calendar month in which a full 60 months of performance for such Holding has been achieved.
transitional period means a period of three years at the most beginning at 00.00 hours on the euro adoption date and ending at
transitional period means with respect to the Product, the period commencing from the Point of Origin till the loading of Product on outbound truck.
transitional period means the period during which either or both of the following are true:
transitional period means the period beginning on 1 December 2015 and ending on 1 July 2016.