Transfer Fees Sample Clauses

Transfer Fees. If the Property is subject to a private transfer fee obligation, §5.205, Property Code, requires Seller to notify Buyer as follows: The private transfer fee obligation may be governed by Chapter 5, Subchapter G of the Texas Property Code.
Transfer Fees. On the date upon which a transfer takes effect pursuant to this Clause 26, the Transferee in respect of such transfer shall pay to the Agent for its own account a transfer fee of $500.
Transfer Fees. Landlord may freely transfer the Letter of Credit in connection with an assignment of this Lease without (i) Tenant’s consent, (ii) restriction on the number of transfers or (iii) condition, other than presentment to Issuer of the original Letter of Credit and a duly executed transfer document conforming to the form attached as Exhibit “B” to the Letter of Credit. Tenant is solely responsible for any bank fees or charges imposed by Issuer in connection with the issuance of the Letter of Credit or any transfer, renewal, extension or replacement thereof. If Tenant fails to timely pay such transfer fee, Landlord may, at its option and without notice to Tenant, elect to pay any transfer fees to Issuer when due, and upon payment, such amount will become immediately due and payable from Tenant to Landlord as Additional Rent under this Lease.
Transfer Fees. An excessive number of transfers, including short-termmarket timing” transfers, may adversely affect the performance of the underlying fund in which a Subaccount invests. If, in our sole opinion, a pattern of excessive transfers develops, we have the right not to process a transfer request. We also have the right not to process a transfer request when the sale or purchase of shares of a fund is not reasonably practicable due to actions taken or limitations imposed by the fund. We may suspend or modify this transfer privilege at any time.
Transfer Fees. Six transfers per year may be made from Subaccounts and the Fixed Account free of charge. Any unused free transfers do not carry over to the next Contract Year. We will charge a $25 transfer fee on any additional transfers during a Contract Year. For the purpose of assessing a fee, we consider each Written Notice or Written Request, or telephone request to be one transfer. We will deduct the processing fee from the amount being transferred, or from the remaining Contract Value, according to your instructions.
Transfer Fees. 8.1. The Hirer shall be liable to pay a Transfer Fee if the Hirer Engages an Agency Worker Introduced by the Employment Business other than via the Employment Business or introduces the Agency Worker to a third party and such introduction results in an Engagement of the Agency Worker by the third party other than via the Employment Business and:
Transfer Fees. The Company hereby agrees to pay to the Bank, upon each transfer of the Letter of Credit in accordance with its terms, the sum of $1,500 or such other amount as shall at the time of such transfer be the charge which the Bank is making for transfers of similar letters of credit.
Transfer Fees. In the event of a transfer or sale of the Covered Aircraft, as described in Subsection IV(C) and IV(D), which results in the execution of a new agreement with the Purchaser, a Transfer Fee payable by the Purchaser shall be due and payable to AEPC™ as set forth on Exhibit D.
Transfer Fees. Any recording fees or related Asset transfer fees shall be paid by Seller.