Brokerage Account Sample Clauses

Brokerage Account. Seller shall open a sole-purpose UBSFS brokerage account in the name of and for the benefit of Seller (the "Plan Account"), prior to acceptance and approval of this Trading Plan by the 10b5-l Group of UBSFS.
Brokerage Account. If any of the Collateral is, or is maintained in, a Brokerage Account, such Brokerage Account is a valid and legally binding obligation of the Institution with which such Brokerage Account is maintained, the securities entitlements credited thereto are valid and genuine and are enforceable in accordance with their terms and Pledgor has provided the Bank with a complete and accurate statement of the financial assets and money credited to such Brokerage Account as of the date hereof.
Brokerage Account. (S): No partner may be a broker. PI may open SIPC (Securities Investors Protection Corporation) insured brokerage account(s) and enter into such agreements as required by the broker(s) for the purchase or sale of securities. All PI securities shall be held in street name in PI's Brokerage Account(s), registered to Pacific Investors. Funds in said account(s) may be paid by check, signed by the Presiding Partner or Financial Partner. The Presiding Partner or Financial Partner may place PI trades and move monies freely between PI's SIPC insured brokerage accounts.
Brokerage Account. The Company must have a brokerage account with the Underwriter prior to the date on which the Company delivers a Capital Demand Notice, into which account the proceeds of any sale of Common Stock, net of any amounts payable under Section 2.4(d), shall be deposited.
Brokerage Account. The Company must have a brokerage ----------------- account with the Underwriter prior to the date on which the Company delivers the first Capital Demand Notice, into which account the daily gross proceeds of sales of Common Stock hereunder shall be deposited on each Closing Date in a Capital Demand Period. The Company may request that money be wired to any account it specifies at any time after the applicable Settlement Date; provided, -------- however, that the Underwriter shall not be obligated to wire monies more often ------- than once per any five consecutive Trading Days.
Brokerage Account. A self-directed Cash Account, or a Margin Account, with or without an Options Trading Feature. d. Business Day. Monday through Friday, excluding stock exchange holidays. e.
Brokerage Account. The Heirs undertake to open and maintain a brokerage account at the Broker for a period no shorter than until the lapse of the later of: (i) the last Call Option Period; or (ii) LTIP Term (the “Brokerage Account”). Such Brokerage Account shall be jointly opened and maintained for all the Heirs and all the Call Option Shares to which the Heir will be entitled to receive shall be transferred to such a Brokerage Account.
Brokerage Account. The Participant understands that the Participant must open and maintain a brokerage account with Daiwa Securities Co., Ltd., MCC’s designated broker (the “Broker”), to own or sell the Shares. Upon request, the Participant will promptly provide to the Broker information necessary for the Broker to open and maintain the brokerage account for the Participant. The Participant acknowledges that the Participant’s brokerage account, once opened, is maintained by the Broker for the sole and exclusive benefit of the Participant as an individual to own and sell the Shares, and that the Broker has no obligation to honor a request by the Participant to transfer beneficial ownership of any or all of the Shares to any family member (as defined in Rule 701 of the Securities Act, which includes a trust in which the Participant or the Participant’s family members have more than 50% of the beneficial interests or any other entity in which the Participant or the Participant’s family members own more than 50% of the voting interests) of the Participant. The Participant further understands that being an employee of the Participating Company is a precondition for the Participant to maintain the brokerage account with the Broker and that the Broker shall have no obligation to maintain such account after a thirty (30) -day grace period from the one (1) -year anniversary of the termination of the Participant’s Services with the Participating Company for any reason.
Brokerage Account. Patria shall open a Brokerage Account for the Client after the Agreement is entered into, unless the Client already has such an account maintained under the earlier Agreement. Patria may, at its discretion, open more Brokerage Accounts for the Client. The Brokerage Account shall be deactivated by Patria when the Agreement expires, always on condition that no Property is now or in the future, in connection with any unsettled transaction, registered in the Brokerage Account. Apart from Investment Instruments and funds, Patria shall also register other Property of the Client in the Brokerage Account, rights which encumber the Property that Patria learns of from the Client or from any other trustworthy source, and debts incurred in connection with the provision of investment services, and other relevant circumstances, if any.
Brokerage Account. The partnership may select a brokerage for the purpose of opening a brokerage account. Funds in the brokerage account shall be withdrawn by checks signed by any partner designated by the partnership.