TAXES & DUTIES Sample Clauses

TAXES & DUTIES a) The TDS, Raj-VAT, Service Tax etc., if applicable, shall be deducted at source/ paid by RISL as per prevailing rates.
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TAXES & DUTIES. The Concessionaire shall during the Concession Period pay in a timely manner all taxes, duties, levies, VAT, cess and charges including but not limited to income tax, sales tax, excise duty, customs duty, service tax and octroi that may be levied, claimed or demanded from time to time by any Government Authority including any increase therein effected from time to time from any Government Authority, in respect of the Project/ the Project Facilities and Services.
TAXES & DUTIES. 20.1. The items/service-wise rates quoted in the Rate sheet should exclude Taxes and Duties. Bidder should indicate Taxes and Duties as applicable separately in the same Rate sheet, at the space provided for, which will be paid extra based on tax invoice to the extent applicable.
TAXES & DUTIES. You and/or Your Company must pay any government tax, duty or other amount imposed by law in any country in respect of the Card, any Charge on your Account or any use of the Account by you.
TAXES & DUTIES a) The income tax, TDS, GST, etc., shall be paid / deducted at source from the payment to the Selected Bidder as per the law in force at the time of execution of contract.
TAXES & DUTIES. Following details are to be submitted by the bidders: 1.GST No.:
TAXES & DUTIES. Following details are to be submitted by the bidders:
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TAXES & DUTIES. 4.4 Lessee shall be responsible for payment of all Taxes & Duties from time to time arising from Lessee’s operation of the power plant.
TAXES & DUTIES. 42. The Contractor shall bear and pay all taxes and duties imposed in Singapore in connection with the execution and/or performance of the Works, excluding any taxes and duties imposed in Singapore upon the OFE.
TAXES & DUTIES. Any charges are exclusive of all taxes and/or duties now in force or enacted in the future, and therefore are subject to an increase equal in amount to any tax or duty IMEC may be required to collect or pay upon the occurrence of this license or the delivery of the Technical Data or for services provided hereunder.
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