Skills Sample Clauses

Skills. Sheffield City Region will work with Government to deliver an integrated skills and training system across the local area, driven by the needs of the economy and led by the private sector, giving local businesses the skilled labour they need to grow.This Deal builds on the Sheffield City Region City Deal ‘Skills Made Easy’ programme (£23.8m of skills funding over 3 years, signed in 2012), and recent Growth Deal (£21.7m of skills funding over 6 years to support a ‘Skills Bank’, beginning in 2015/2016) to establish a joint venture partnership of SCR and BIS, SFA and DWP. This will have devolved responsibilities for the Adult Skills Budget and Apprenticeship Grant for Employers. In addition, the Partnership will secure closer alignment of their Adult Community Learning Budget to local priorities. The SCR will secure its future labour supply focusing on STEM subjects and high quality careers guidance.Sheffield City Region and central Government agree to: Establish a Joint Venture Partnership between SCR, SFA and DWP which will start operating from January 2015: • It will re-shape and re-structure the Further Education (FE) provision within Sheffield City Region so that a new, forward looking FE system is in place by 2017. This means ensuring that the system is financially resilient; that governing bodies of institutions should enjoy the confidence of the SCR business community; and that there should be specialisation of provision to meet SCR needs and ensure pockets of excellence across the City Region in key areas• It will develop proposals for how funding from within the BIS Adult Skills Budget (ASB) (other than participation funding for apprenticeships and traineeships) works across the City Region. This could include, for example, examining how local variations in funding practices might be used to manage the risk associated with provision which either has significantly higher start up or ongoing costs, or where there is a demand risk quality• In addition, the Partnership will secure closer alignment of their Adult Community Learning Budget to local priorities• Within the partnership, SCR will provide leadership in establishing the pre-eminence of the employer voice in shaping systems and provision and in setting local priorities for skills and employment and the strategies that would deliver these. Government will not expect to question judgments about local priorities made by SCR and business leaders, but does have a responsibility for ensuring that spen...
Skills. – the ability, assimilated in the learning process, to perform tasks and solve problems specific to the field of learning or professional activity.
Skills. 32% indicated that this was due to a lack of skills;
Skills. A number of relatively small, skills related, initiatives driven through various educational establishments and support agencies are either already under development or have been identified as future projects. The initiatives include pre-apprenticeship schemes targeting NEETS and redevelopment of the Lowestoft College campus to deliver a cross section of courses. The majority of these initiatives are supported by the local LSP’s and have already been allocated funding or have at least identified potential funding partners. The present collective investment needed to deliver these initiatives is circa £3.68 million of which £2.475 million has been identified from other sources. An initial series of pre-apprenticeship schemes have now commenced in an area of highest deprivation and worklessness linking work skills and attendance at courses to practical in the job training and a final formal training certificate. If successful further schemes will be rolled out acrossEast Suffolk concentration on pockets of high deprivation first. HCA intervention will be sought for schemes not funded or only part fundable from other available sources. An option may exist to include conditions in HCA funding bids for apprentices to be include as part of any award. For example Housing Associations could be required to bring apprentices into the construction of new homes as a condition of supporting their bids. At a larger scale development of a regional Skills for Energy Centre together with smaller related Spoke developments are proposed to meet the needs identified in the 2010 Skills for Energy East of England report. Details of the investments required to support the regional proposal are covered under the Energy Sector paragraph 5.2.5 of this LIP.
Skills. Applicants must have demonstrated ability and a commitment to work collaboratively and communicate effectively and tactfully with colleagues, demonstrated ability to assess and prescribe effective instructional strategies and write effective plans for individual improvement, a demonstrated commitment to improving the profession.
Skills. Examples of skills required for this position include:
Skills. Possesses all needed skills at level of job requirements.Most skills satisfactory, some need improvement.One or more needed skills are absent or less than acceptable. Ill. ATTENDANCE AND PUNCTUALITY consists of being at work on time.A. ATTENDANCE B. PUNCTUALITY_ AUcodance is perfect or nearly so._ Attendance Is satisfactory; work Is not adversely affected by absences._ Attendance was marked by one or two extensive absences during the period of evaluation. Reason:_ Absences are excessive: more than ten (10) Instances of one or more days' absence on an annual basis during evaluation period; work suffered.Consistently at work by time work day starts. Occasionally tardy.Frequency of tardiness is cause for concern and can stand improvement.Frequently not at work on time; adversely affecting Job performance.Comments: IV.WORK CHARACTERISTICS are individual behaviors and responses regarding the areas below.A. INITIATIVE & RESOURCEFULNESS B. ADAPTABILITY TO STRESS OR CHANGE_ Independently identifies needs, and problems are solved; is self _ Stress or change are consistently dealt with satisfactorily. starter. _ Employee usually keeps his/her composure._ Employee typically initiates required action and solves problems Does not react well In a crisis situation. Stressful situations or independently. change are met with other ineffecUve behavior._ Needs are overlooked or assistance is required.C. ATIDUDE_ Positive feeling about work Is presented to others consistently; willing to improve and suggest new ideas; enjoys other people; speaks well of work and school district._ Positive attitude typically displayed; job dissatisfaction seldom apparent._ Demonstrates an attitude of 'get the job done and go home: Seldom comments on anything unless specifically asked. Will help others when asked._ Finds fault with others and complains. Negative or hostile attitude; consistent dissatisfaction with or open dislike for job is apparent.E. TEAMWORK_ Always gives and receives cooperation. Coordinates work well with co-workers and others. Is considerate and understandillg._ Does the required job and is generally cooperative. Is usually considerate and understanding of others._ Usually cooperates with others but is sometimes inconsiderate and difficult to get along with. Complains frequently._ ls frequently uncooperative and unpleasant. Does not work well with others. Is frequenlly inconsiderate or irritable.Comments: