Specialized Position Sample Clauses

Specialized Position. The Employer has the possibility to choose the training team in the negotiation unit. However, the Employer can not force the team to accept. The Employer will pay to the chosen team a premium of one dollar and fifty cents (1.50$) in addition to their regular hourly rate for each hour worked.

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  • SPECIALIZED JOB CLASSES Where there is a particular specialized job class in which the pay rate is below the local market value assessment of that job class, the parties may use existing means under the collective agreement to adjust compensation for that job class.

  • New Position An approved position not reflected in the current year budget complement.

  • Filling Positions ‌ The Employer will determine when a position will be filled, the type of appointment to be used when filling the position, and the skills and abilities necessary to perform the duties of the specific position within a job classification. The Employer can fill a position on a full-time or part-time basis. Consideration will be limited to employees who have the skills and abilities required for the position. Positions will be posted for at least ten (10) calendar days.

  • Training a. The employer, in consultation with the local, shall be responsible for developing and implementing an ongoing harassment and sexual harassment awareness program for all employees. Where a program currently exists and meets the criteria listed in this agreement, such a program shall be deemed to satisfy the provisions of this article. This awareness program shall initially be for all employees and shall be scheduled at least once annually for all new employees to attend.

  • New Positions In the event the Employer shall establish any new position, the classification and wage rate for the new position shall be established by the Employer and written notice shall be given to the Union, and unless notice of objection to the classification and wage rate by the Union is given to the Employer within sixty (60) calendar days after such notice, such classification and wage rate shall be considered to have been agreed. Where the Union objects to the classification and wage rate, it shall provide reasons for the objection in writing. If no agreement can be reached between the Employer and the Union within a further sixty (60) days the issue will be put to expedited arbitration in accordance with the provisions of Article 8.04. If the classification and/or wage rate established by the Employer for such new position are revised as a result of negotiation or arbitration, then the revised classification and wage rate shall be effective from the date when the new position was established.

  • Term Position A position occupied by a full-time or part-time nurse for a specified period of time, up to a maximum of sixty (60) weeks, where patient/client/resident census or workload necessitates a temporary increase in staffing, if mutually agreed, to replace a nurse(s) who is/are on vacation or leave of absence, or to carry out a special short term project or where the Employer has provided notice of permanent deletion of position(s) under the Memorandum of Understanding regarding Employment Security, or as otherwise mutually agreed between the Union and the Employer. If the Employer determines there is a term position to be filled by a nurse, the term position shall be posted in accordance with Article 30. This shall not preclude the Employer from utilizing part-time nurses and/or casual nurses to work available shifts as specified in Articles 34 and 35 when the Employer decides that a term position is not required. The Employer shall provide written confirmation of the start and expiry dates of the term position prior to the nurse's commencement in the position. This period may be extended if the Employer so requests and the Union agrees. The maximum duration specified in paragraph 1 above for term positions shall not apply in situations where a nurse is absent indefinitely due to Workers Compensation and/or illness and/or accident or where there is a temporary vacancy due to leave for Public Office. In these cases, the Employer shall state on the job posting that the said term position is an "Indefinite Term" which will expire subject to a minimum of twenty-four

  • Excluded Positions When a College temporarily assigns an employee to the duties and responsibilities of a position excluded from the provisions of this Collective Agreement, the employee's obligations to contribute to the regular monthly Union dues under Article 5.4 and his/her seniority shall continue during the period of such temporary assignment up to a maximum period of twelve

  • Principal Personnel The management of the Bidder company who make operational decisions. Proposed Price – The Vendor’s maximum hourly rate for an associated Job Title or Scope Variant for the initial and renewal term. A “not to exceed” price. Scope Variant – A gradation of experience within a Job Title. Staff – The temporary staff provided by the Contractor or Contractor’s subcontractor(s) to render information technology services identified by Customers. State – The State of Florida.

  • Specialized Skills Each certificated support person demonstrates in his/her performance a competent level of skill and knowledge in designing and conducting specialized programs of prevention, instruction, remediation and evaluation.

  • WINDOW CLEANING Tenant shall not clean, nor require, permit, suffer or allow any window in the Premises to be cleaned from the outside in violation of Section 202 of the Labor Law, or any other Requirement, or of the rules of the Board of Standards and Appeals, or of any other board or body having or asserting jurisdiction.