SMS Sample Clauses

SMS. 6-12 Media Specialist CHS K-12 Counselor CHS Special Education K-5 Special Education 6-12 Visual Arts SMS Performing Arts CHS Careers and Technology CJHS K-5 Administration PKE 10-12 Administration CHS Central Office Deputy Superintendent Elementary Parent NSE Middle Grades Parent CJHS High School Parent CHS
SMS. During this Agreement MultiChoice shall provide SMS in respect of the Channels, such SMS to consist, inter alia, of the following:
SMS. You agree that, by registering for the ANZ App, ANZ may send a SMS to your nominated Mobile Device. ANZ is not liable for any loss or damage you suffer as a result of any person other than you accessing those SMSs. You may incur charges from your mobile phone operator as a result of using the ANZ App or SMS. Any such charges are solely your responsibility.
SMS. In accordance with the requirements set forth in 5 CONFIDENTIAL Contract #3284 Exhibit 8, FDRI will provide PRODIGY with an initial description and periodic description updates of the hardware, systems software and associated systems configuration equipment (the "Equipment") necessary to execute SMS in compliance with the performance standards set forth in Article 3 of this Agreement. FDRI and PRODIGY understand and agree that FDRI may, at its sole expense upon notice to PRODIGY, change any such Equipment that is located on FDRI's premises and/or the configuration thereof; provided that such changes shall not alter the scope of the work agreed to by the parties or the work plan therefor. FDRI and PRODIGY also understand and agree that except upon ninety (90) days' prior written notice to PRODIGY of its intentions, and PRODIGY's written consent thereto, FDRI will not make any change to its Equipment that will have a material adverse impact on the processing capacity or performance level of SMS.
SMS. The Company has decided not to engage in any SMS activity through a third party for the foreseeable future. Any Affiliate found to be running SMS activity will have its Affiliate account terminated immediately.
SMS. The quality checklists applicable to SMS Projects fabricated by Supplier are attached as Annexes A-2-2-a through A-2-2-e to this Attachment.
SMS. Regional General Manager Vice President - Health Solutions If resolution of the dispute cannot be reached at this level, further escalation will be made to:
SMS. The SMS System developed by FDRI pursuant to this Agreement shall be the sole and exclusive property of FDRI, and, subject to any rights PRODIGY may have to license such System pursuant to this Agreement, PRODIGY acknowledges and agrees that all rights, title and interests in and to the SMS System, including, without limitation maskworks, firmware, computer programs, algorithms, subroutines, methods, processes, concepts, designs, know-how, techniques, data or other information of or concerning the SMS System are and shall remain the sole and exclusive property of FDRI; provided, however, that any Confidential Information of PRODIGY used by FDRI in developing the SMS System shall be subject to the Confidentiality Agreement between the parties dated June 5, 1986; and provided, further, that during the Original Term and any Renewal Period, FDRI shall not license or sell the SMS System, including any modules or subsystems of the SMS System, nor use the SMS System, or any modules or subsystems thereof, to provide data processing services to any third party that is a direct competitor of PRODIGY in a line of 13 CONFIDENTIAL Contract #3284 business provided on a commercial basis by PRODIGY, whether on-line or otherwise, domestically or internationally. Except for any patent, copyright, trademark or other proprietary right retained by PRODIGY in any Confidential Information of PRODIGY disclosed to FDRI under the terms of the above-referenced Confidentiality Agreement and used by FDRI to develop the SMS System, FDRI shall be the exclusive owner of all copyrights, patents, patent application rights, corporate name and trademarks embodied in or applicable to or noted in the SMS System or any components or subsystems thereof. In the event of a conflict between this subsection l.1.8.2(a)(i) and any provision of the above-referenced Confidentiality Agreement, the language contained herein shall prevail.
SMS. Account Manager GFS Product Owner If resolution of the dispute cannot be reached at this level, further escalation will be made to: