Selection and Hiring Procedure for Faculty Sample Clauses

Selection and Hiring Procedure for Faculty. The College and the Faculty Association agree the following procedures shall be used to fill full-time faculty vacancies where such vacancies will not be filled by the exercising of seniority/recall rights, automatic return to faculty by Xxxx/Director/Regional Director and other terms of the Collective Agreement. The College and the Faculty Association agree that while these procedures do not apply to part-time vacancies, the intention is to involve faculty in selection and hiring of part-time faculty as circumstances permit and as it is practical. The College and the Faculty Association agree that from time to time special circumstances may make it necessary to modify the procedures. In such cases, the parties shall mutually agree to replacement procedures. Such circumstances may include regional campus circumstances or emergency situations.
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  • Hearing Procedure Prior to initiating the hearing procedure, the school official, the parent(s) or the guardian may request a conference to provide an opportunity for the parent(s)/guardian(s) and school official(s) to discuss the situation, present information, obtain an explanation of data submitted in the application and the decisions rendered. Such a conference shall not in any way prejudice nor diminish the right to a fair hearing. The designated hearing official shall ensure that the hearing procedure provides the following for both the household and the LEA:

  • Procedure for Rebate The Association represents to the Board that an internal rebate procedure has been established in accordance with Section 4117.09(C) of the Revised Code and that a procedure for challenging the amount of the representation fee has been established and will be given to each member of the bargaining unit who does not join the Association and that such procedure and notice shall be in compliance with all applicable state and federal laws and the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Ohio.

  • ORDERING PROCEDURE Orders placed against this contract may be in the form of an agency issued purchase order on an as-required basis. Or an agency may also use the Arkansas State Purchasing Card (P- Card) to purchase furniture.

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