Section 15.10 Sample Clauses

Section 15.10. Trustee Has No Fiduciary Duty to Holders of Senior Indebtedness of the Company...................84
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Section 15.10. 6 Employees hired after September 1, 2013, shall be required to arrange with the district to be paid through 7 direct deposit. 8 11 ARTICLE XVI 13 INSURANCE BENEFITS
Section 15.10. 11 The cost of District approved classes permits and/or licenses (excluding driver’s licenses) for employees 12 will be paid by the District.
Section 15.10. ‌ 17 Employees required to remain overnight on District business shall be reimbursed for room and board 18 expenditures as per current District policy.
Section 15.10. 22 The cost of District approved classes and or licenses (excluding driver’s licenses) for employees will be 23 paid by the District. 26
Section 15.10. 33 The grievance meetings shall take place whenever possible on school time. The District shall not 34 discriminate against any individual employee or the Association for taking action under this Article. 37 38 A R T I C L E X V I‌ 39 40 SALARIES AND EMPLOYEE COMPENSATION 41 42 Section 16.1. 43 Base wages for employees subject to this Agreement, during the term of the Agreement are contained in the 44 KSFSA Salary and Longevity Schedule (Exhibit A) which is incorporated by reference herein. Employees 45 holding a valid School Nutrition Association certificate on September 30 of each year will be paid the 46 appropriate rate set forth in the KSFSA SNA Certified Salary and Longevity Schedule (Exhibit A-1). 47 As a result of the full contract reopener postponement for one year, effective/retroactive to September 1, 48 2020, wage rates referenced on the current 2020-2021 Exhibit A will be increased by fifteen percent (15%)
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Section 15.10. 47 The District shall pay for the Food Handlers Permits for current Food Service employees.
Section 15.10. Rights of Trustee as Holders of Senior Debt; Preservation of Trustee's Rights . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 76
Section 15.10. Trustee Has No Fiduciary Duty to Holders of Senior Indebtedness............................................ 62 SECTION 1511. Paying Agents Other Than the Trustee....................... 62 SECTION 1512. Rights of Holders of Senior Indebtedness Not Impaired...... 62
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