SAMPLE CONTAINERS. The CONTRACTOR shall provide the COUNTY with sample containers of adequate number, size, and type, pre-labeled, and containing preservatives, if required (sample container type shall be as specified by approved methods in accordance with section 1 of this scope of work (“Laboratory Procedures for the Analyses of Groundwater and Surface Waters”). Preparation of sample containers shall include proper cleaning and/or sterilization as specified in the appropriate methods. Unused portions of water samples will be retained by CONTRACTOR in the containers in which they were collected for a minimum period of four weeks following transmittal of report of analysis to COUNTY in case a repeat analysis is required. Following this period of retention, the unused portion of water samples shall be discarded by CONTRACTOR at no additional cost to COUNTY.
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SAMPLE CONTAINERS. The Contractor shall either provide County with disposable or recyclable sample containers of adequate number, size and type (sample container must be quality assured to be free of residual organic and trace metal contaminants). Sample containers shall be adequately prepared or pretreated by Contractor to prevent contamination of the samples. Contractor shall periodically provide County with data on "container blank" analyses to assure that adequate pretreatment is performed. County will accept pre-cleaned containers from approved Companies, such as I Chem, and may request certified containers supported by quality control documentation.
SAMPLE CONTAINERS. AFL may provide sample containers upon request. AFL reserves the right to charge a fee for sample containers.
SAMPLE CONTAINERS. The Contractor shall provide all the necessary new or certified-clean sample bottles and sample labels as required to perform field sampling. Reagent grade preservatives shall be added to the appropriate sampling container by the Contractor prior to shipment of bottles. Sample containers shall be pre-labeled identifying the analyses types requested and preservatives used by the City. The sample label information provided by the City will correspond to information contained in the chain of custody forms and shall include: the analyses requested, the sample ID number, the date and time the sample was taken, the location of field sampling, and the name or initials of the sampler. The Contractor shall supply any necessary trip blanks. The Contractor shall subject all supply bottles and/or containers to a Quality Assurance and Quality Control program and shall conduct a testing program on sample bottles and/or containers.
SAMPLE CONTAINERS. Charges will apply. Only project specific sampling containers will be supplied. Soil Sampler Vials (ex. Encores) Method 5035 $15 Tedlar Bags Storm Water Sampling Kit Request Quote $15 SMR Sampling Kit $10 Wipe Kits, 15cm x 15cm, for metals ASTM E1792 $2.50 Wipe Kits, filter paper, for organic compounds $2.50 Sorbent Tubes, TPH Diesel NIOSH 1550 $25/each PUF cartridges and housing, Low Volume Quote XAD Sorbent Tubes, High Volume Quote Sample Disposal Fees: $3 per sample container (including Tedlar bags). Sample Storage Fee: $10 per container Shipping Fees: No charge for the shipment of samples to Torrent Lab within the San Francisco Bay Area by Federal Express Ground Service only. There will be a charge for Fed Ex overnight shipping. Standard Turnaround Time:
SAMPLE CONTAINERS. Company may provide sample containers upon request. Company reserves the right to charge a fee for sample containers.
SAMPLE CONTAINERS. ‌ Sample containers will be selected based on the laboratory parameter analyzed. All containers will be provided by the analytical laboratory in a new pre-cleaned condition, collected into the appropriate sampling container, and placed in a chilled cooler for shipment to the analytical laboratory. All sample containers will be packed in a way that minimizes breakage.
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SAMPLE CONTAINERS. Paragon will provide all sample containers for use on this project. Sample containers will only be used one time. Paragon supplies vendor-prepared I-Chem 200™, 300™, Eagle Pitcher (level 3), or equivalent sample containers. Paragon’s sample control department maintains certificates of cleanliness, which are provided to clients upon request. A summary sheet of sample containers for each sample will be prepared prior to sample collection, once bottles are received by the contract laboratory.


  • Containers The marine and intermodal cargo containers either owned or leased by the Borrower and employed by the Borrower in the conduct of its business, including, without limitation, refrigerated, dry van, tank, open top and flat rack containers and refrigeration units and generator sets associated therewith, but excluding any chassis for such containers.

  • Preservative-treated Wood Containing Arsenic Contractor may not purchase preservative-treated wood products containing arsenic in the performance of this Agreement unless an exemption from the requirements of Chapter 13 of the San Francisco Environment Code is obtained from the Department of the Environment under Section 1304 of the Code. The term “preservative-treated wood containing arsenic” shall mean wood treated with a preservative that contains arsenic, elemental arsenic, or an arsenic copper combination, including, but not limited to, chromated copper arsenate preservative, ammoniacal copper zinc arsenate preservative, or ammoniacal copper arsenate preservative. Contractor may purchase preservative-treated wood products on the list of environmentally preferable alternatives prepared and adopted by the Department of the Environment. This provision does not preclude Contractor from purchasing preservative-treated wood containing arsenic for saltwater immersion. The term “saltwater immersion” shall mean a pressure-treated wood that is used for construction purposes or facilities that are partially or totally immersed in saltwater.

  • Container An intermodal cargo carrying device capable of road transport when mounted on a chassis or other suitable device. [Revised 11/18/09]

  • Samples Physical examples of materials, equipment, or workmanship that are representative of some portion of the Work and that establish the standards by which such portion of the Work will be judged. The Contractor shall furnish for approval all samples required by the Contract Documents. The Work shall be in accordance with approved samples.

  • Testing of Metering Equipment Connecting Transmission Owner shall inspect and test all of its Metering Equipment upon installation and at least once every two (2) years thereafter. If requested to do so by NYISO or Developer, Connecting Transmission Owner shall, at Developer’s expense, inspect or test Metering Equipment more frequently than every two (2) years. Connecting Transmission Owner shall give reasonable notice of the time when any inspection or test shall take place, and Developer and NYISO may have representatives present at the test or inspection. If at any time Metering Equipment is found to be inaccurate or defective, it shall be adjusted, repaired or replaced at Developer’s expense, in order to provide accurate metering, unless the inaccuracy or defect is due to Connecting Transmission Owner’s failure to maintain, then Connecting Transmission Owner shall pay. If Metering Equipment fails to register, or if the measurement made by Metering Equipment during a test varies by more than two percent from the measurement made by the standard meter used in the test, Connecting Transmission Owner shall adjust the measurements by correcting all measurements for the period during which Metering Equipment was in error by using Developer’s check meters, if installed. If no such check meters are installed or if the period cannot be reasonably ascertained, the adjustment shall be for the period immediately preceding the test of the Metering Equipment equal to one-half the time from the date of the last previous test of the Metering Equipment. The NYISO shall reserve the right to review all associated metering equipment installation on the Developer’s or Connecting Transmission Owner’s property at any time.

  • Tooling Unless otherwise specified in this Agreement, all tooling and/or all other articles required for the performance hereof shall be furnished by Seller, maintained in good condition and replaced when necessary at Seller's expense. If NETAPP agrees to pay Seller for special tooling or other items either separately or as a stated part of the unit price of Goods purchased herein, title to same shall be and remain in NETAPP upon payment therefore.

  • SAMPLE (i) Unless agreed otherwise, wheeled or track lay- ing equipment shall not be operated in areas identified as needing special measures except on roads, landings, tractor roads, or skid trails approved under B5.1 or B6.422. Purchaser may be required to backblade skid trails and other ground disturbed by Purchaser’s Opera- tions within such areas in lieu of cross ditching required under B6.6. Additional special protection measures needed to protect such known areas are identified in C6.24.

  • Prohibition Against Selecting and Installing Products Containing Hazardous Materials The Contractor shall not select, install or otherwise incorporate any products or materials containing Hazardous Materials within the boundaries of the Site. Should the Contractor or any Subcontractors have knowledge that, or believe that, an item, component, material, substance, or accessory within a product or assembly selected by the Contractor or any Subcontractor may contain Hazardous Materials it is the Contractor’s responsibility to secure a written certification from the manufacturer of any suspected material which identifies the specific Hazardous Material(s) contained, together with the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for such materials which shall be submitted to the Owner and Design Professional.

  • Calibration The comparison of a measurement system or device of unverified accuracy with a measurement system of known and greater accuracy to detect deviation of the unverified measurement system from required performance specifications (of the unverified measurement system or device) and to quantify all measured values to applicable units of the international system of units.

  • Recyclable Materials “Recyclable Materials” means Solid Waste consisting of any material 371 which retains useful properties and can be reclaimed after the production or consumption process.

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