Revolving Sample Clauses

Revolving. In respect of revolving credit line, where Client has completed performance of obligations (inclusive of repayment of loan or advancement of Creditor, release of Creditor from obligations under guarantee commitment due to its fulfillment of the obligations under the underlying contract, replenishing margin to a full amount, release of payment obligations of Creditor to external party) under this Agreement and subsequent financing instruments, used credit line attributable to such obligations shall be recovered in the amount equivalent to the amount involved by the completed obligations, in which case Client is allowed to apply Creditor for credit line again within the related term. In respect of non-revolving credit line, used credit line shall not be recovered upon Client’s fulfillment of its repayment obligations, unless otherwise with consent by Creditor. Unless otherwise specified by this Agreement, during the term of credit line, Creditor reserves the right to reexamine Client’s operation state and related collateral in a yearly basis, in which case Client is allowed to use credit line in the coming year if such reexamination passed; while Creditor is entitled to cancel credit line for the coming year if such reexamination failed and any unused and to be repaid credit line shall not be allowed again except that currently effective subsequent financing instruments are not affected.
Revolving. Any amount under the Total Credit Commitment repaid hereunder may be re-borrowed provided that (i) such re-borrowing is for the purposes set out in Section 3.1(b), (ii) each of the conditions set forth in Section 4 have been satisfied, (iii) such re-borrowing does not result in the Guarantor LP being unable to satisfy the Asset Coverage Test on a pro forma basis following such re-borrowing and the application of the proceeds thereof; and (iv) the aggregate outstanding amount of Advances after giving effect to such re-borrowing does not exceed the principal amount of the Covered Bond Portfolio unless the proceeds of such re-borrowing are being used to acquire Loans and their Related Security or to invest in Substitute Assets.
Revolving. For the revolving financing amount, the financing amount occupied by the amount involving the obligations that have been performed will be recovered after Party A finishes performing the obligations under this Agreement and financing attachments (including repaying the financing fund or advances made by Party B, Party B’s discharge from liabilities under relevant guarantee commitments due to its fulfillment of obligations under the underlying contract, making up 100% margin or Party B’s discharge from the external payment liabilities). Party A can, within the service term of amount specified in this Agreement, apply to Party B for using the financing amount continuously. The non-revolving financing amount, once occupied, cannot be recovered after Party A finishes performing repayment and other obligations, unless otherwise agreed by Party B. Within the service term of amount, Party B is entitled to review Party A’s conditions and the collateral per year, unless otherwise specified. If Party A passes review, it can use the financing amount next year continuously; otherwise, Party B is entitled to cancel Party A’s financing amount at the beginning of next year. In such case, except for the financing attachments that have become valid, the financing amount that has not been used yet and will be returned in future will not be used any longer.
Revolving. Amounts borrowed under the Credits may be repaid at any time and, prior to the Term Date, may be reborrowed from time to time in accordance with the provisions hereof.
Revolving. Loans: The Revolving Loans shall bear interest at a rate equal to the Prime Rate in effect from time to time, minus 0.50% per annum.”
Revolving basis During the Commitment Period the Borrower may utilise the Facility up to the Facility Amount on a revolving basis so that any amounts repaid and/or prepaid may be redrawn by the Borrower subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
Revolving. LOAN Section 2.01.
Revolving. LOAN 1.1