Retiree Medical Coverage for Unit Sample Clauses

Retiree Medical Coverage for Unit. Employees Hired Before January 1, 2004: Monthly City-paid premium contributions for a retiree-selected PEMHCA optional plan will be made in accordance with the Public Employees' Medical and Hospital Care Act Resolution for employees hired before January 1, 2004 as outlined below. For employees who retire before June 1, 2012, the City will pay up to the monthly medical premium for the 2nd most expensive plan offered to PMA employees among the existing array of plans. For employees who retire on or after June 1, 2012, The City contribution towards retiree medical shall be the same contribution amount it makes for active City employees. Effective upon ratification and adoption of this Agreement (Scheduled for January 11, 2016), the City shall provide active unit employees who were hired before January 1, 2004 with a one-time opportunity to opt-in to retiree health benefits provided under California Government Code section 22893. Eligible employees who wish to exercise this option shall inform the People, Strategy, and Operations department of their election in writing no later than 90 days following the ratification and adoption of this Agreement.