Bank Agent definition

Bank Agent means Bank of America, N.A., in its capacity as administrative agent for the Bank Lenders under the Bank Credit Agreement, and its successors and assigns in such capacity.
Bank Agent means the administrative agent for the lenders and other secured parties under the Senior Credit Facilities, together with its successors and permitted assigns under the Senior Credit Facilities.

Examples of Bank Agent in a sentence

  • For any Advance to which the Eurocurrency-based Rate is applicable, if Agent or a Bank, as applicable, shall designate a Eurocurrency Lending Office which maintains books separate from those of the rest of Agent or such Bank, Agent or such Bank, as the case may be, shall have the option of maintaining and carrying the relevant Advance on the books of such Eurocurrency Lending Office.

  • This Agreement shall be deemed for all purposes to constitute a separate and discrete agreement between Bank, Agent and each Lender, and no Lender shall be responsible or liable for any of the obligations of any other Lender under this Agreement or otherwise, notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein.

  • If such amount is not in fact made available to Agent by such Bank, Agent shall be entitled to recover such amount on demand from such Bank.

  • The Bank, Agent, Apex or Broker refuses to process the transaction for security reasons.

  • In determining compliance with any condition hereunder to the making of a Loan, or the issuance of a Letter of Credit, that by its terms must be fulfilled to the satisfaction of a Lender or Issuing Bank, Agent may presume that such condition is satisfactory to such Lender or Issuing Bank unless Agent shall have received notice to the contrary from such Lender or Issuing Bank prior to the making of such Loan or the issuance of such Letter of Credit.

More Definitions of Bank Agent

Bank Agent means the agent for the lenders under the Credit Agreement or its successors as agent for the lenders under the Credit Agreement.
Bank Agent means the Person designated in the Bank Credit Facility as the Bank Agent for purposes of this Agreement.
Bank Agent means JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., in its capacity as agent under the Credit Agreement, and its successors and assigns in that capacity.
Bank Agent means Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas in its capacity as Administrative Agent under the Bank Credit Agreement and its successors in such capacity.
Bank Agent. The meaning assigned in the Insurance Agreement. ----------