Residue Sample Clauses

Residue. After the Completion of Service Line Replacement, any remaining Allocated Monies may be used by State Parties for purposes other than those identified in Paragraph 21, in accordance with state and federal law. Any remaining Allocated Monies appropriated as part of the WIIN Act, including any State Matching Funds, shall be distributed to the City in accordance with that Act.
Residue shall refer to Rejects and Recyclable Materials that are accepted by the operator of the ECUA MRF, processed at the MRF, and not converted to Recovered Materials due to breakage and/or transportation or processing limitations or inefficiencies.
Residue. The term "residue" means the property remaining after the payment of all expenses of administration and debts and the distribution of all specific gifts and tangible personal property, and before the payment of Estate taxes. Estate taxes shall be handled separately, and shall be paid and charged as specifically provided in this Trust Agreement.
Residue. Recyclable Materials that are delivered to the CONTRACTOR’s 15 Material Recovery Facility for Processing, but which were not Processed by the 16 CONTRACTOR in a manner that meets Market Specifications, and were subsequently 17 removed from the CONTRACTOR’s Materials Recovery Facility and Disposed. For 18 purposes of calculating diversion rates as specified in Article 9 of this Agreement,
Residue. 5.24 Any residue remaining in the Settlement Fund after payment of the Class Counsel Fees, the Notice Payment, the distribution of the Cash Credits and Transaction Credits and the redemption of the Transaction Credits, will be returned to Money Mart within 15 days after the end of the Redemption Period.
Residue. A holder of Preferred Stock will not be entitled to receive, in respect of such shares, any distribution of assets of the Corporation following liquidation, dissolution, or winding up of the Corporation to any greater extent than is expressly provided in subparagraphs (a) through (c) above.