Expenses of administration definition

Expenses of administration means funeral expenses
Expenses of administration means funeral expenses and expenses actually and properly incurred by a personal representative in the administration of an estate, including, without limitation, expenses incurred for the maintenance or preservation of the assets of an estate, plus the fees of the personal representative, any attorney retained by the personal representative and any other consultant engaged by him or her.

Examples of Expenses of administration in a sentence

  • Expenses of administration of the Plan shall be paid by the Bank or an Affiliate.

  • Expenses of administration; expenses of maintenance, operation, repair or replacement of the common elements, and of the portions of apartments to be maintained by the Association.

  • Expenses of administration, in- cluding court costs, premium on bond of executor or administrator, tran- script fees and appraiser fees.

  • Administration Subject to the Minister, this Act shall be administered by the Protection Board.7. Expenses of administration The expenses of the administration of this Act shall be charged to the Protection Account.

  • Expenses of administration of the Plan shall be paid by the Company or an Affiliate.

  • Expenses of administration, maintenance, repair or replacement of the common areas and facilities; [PL 1965, c.

  • Expenses of administration, maintenance, repair or replacement of the Common Areas to the extent such expenses are to be borne by the Association under the terms of this Declaration.

  • Expenses of administration and the expenses incurred in the preservation, safekeeping, and management of the estate.

  • Expenses of administration include court costs; bond premiums; approved fees of a conservator, guardian, attorney for the conservator, guardian or protected individual, examiner, visitor, or guardian ad litem; and bank service fees.

  • Expenses of administration, maintenance, repair, and replacement of the common elements.

Related to Expenses of administration

  • Settlement Administration Expenses means all expenses reasonably incurred by the Settlement Administrator in or relating to administering the Settlement, providing Notice, creating and maintaining the Settlement Website, disbursing Settlement Payments by mail and electronic means, related tax expenses, fees of the escrow agent, and other such related expenses, with all such expenses to be paid from the Settlement Fund.

  • Self-Administration of Medication means the individual manages and takes his or her own medication, identifies his or her medication and the times and methods of administration, places the medication internally in or externally on his or her own body without staff assistance upon written order of a physician, and safely maintains the medication without supervision.

  • Self-administration means carrying and taking medication without the intervention of the school nurse, approved through the school district policy and restricted to students with asthma, other potentially life-threatening illnesses or life-threatening allergic reaction.

  • Administration of Medication means the act of placing a medication in or on an individual's body by a staff member who is responsible for the individual's care.

  • Settlement Administration Costs means all costs and fees of the Settlement Administrator regarding Notice and Settlement administration.

  • Administration Expenses means all fees, disbursements, expenses, costs, taxes and any other amounts incurred or payable by the Plaintiffs, Class Counsel or otherwise for the approval, implementation and operation of this Settlement Agreement, including the costs of notices, but excluding Class Counsel Fees and Class Counsel Disbursements.

  • Office of Administrative Hearings means the panel described in ORS 183.605 to 183.690 established within the Employment Department to conduct contested case proceedings and other such duties on behalf of designated state agencies.

  • Medication administration means the direct application of medications by injection, inhalation, ingestion, or any other means to an individual receiving services by (i) persons legally permitted to administer medications or (ii) the individual at the direction and in the presence of persons legally permitted to administer medications.

  • Administration Costs means (i) the costs and expenses associated with the production and dissemination of the Notice (as defined in Section 2.10); (ii) all reasonable costs incurred by the Settlement Administrator (as defined in Section 1.40) in administering and effectuating this Settlement, which costs and expenses are necessitated by performance and implementation of this Agreement and any Court orders relating thereto; (iii) all reasonable fees charged by the Settlement Administrator; and (iv) any other costs associated with the settlement, including but not limited to any amounts charged by TIAA or Vanguard.

  • the Administration Act means the Social Security Administration Act 1992;

  • Claims Administration means the processing of claims made under the Shared Policies, including the reporting of claims to the insurance carriers, management and defense of claims and providing for appropriate releases upon settlement of claims.

  • Administration Fees The sum of (i) the Servicing Fee, (ii) the Master Servicing Fee and (iii) the Credit Risk Management Fee.

  • Administration Charge means a charge established in accordance with Chapter 90.50A RCW and Chapter 173-98 WAC, to be used to pay Ecology’s cost to administer the State Revolving Fund by placing a percentage of the interest earned in an Administrative Charge Account.

  • Contract administration office also means a contract management office of the Defense Contract Management Agency.

  • Contract administration means all functions, duties, and responsibilities

  • Customs Administration means the competent authority that is responsible under the law of a Party for the administration of customs laws and regulations;

  • Collateral Administration Agreement An agreement dated as of the Closing Date among the Issuer, the Collateral Manager and the Collateral Administrator, as amended from time to time in accordance with the terms thereof.

  • Drug enforcement administration means the drug enforcement

  • Trustee Fees and Expenses As compensation for and in payment of trust expenses related to its services hereunder other than Extraordinary Trust Expenses, the Trustee will receive Trustee Fees on each Distribution Date in the amount equal to $2,000. The Trustee Fee shall cease to accrue after termination of the Trust. The "Trigger Amount" with respect to Extraordinary Trust Expenses for the Trust is $25,000 and the Maximum Reimbursable Amount is $100,000. The Trustee Fee will be paid by the Expense Administrator. Expenses will be reimbursed by the Expense Administrator in accordance with the Expense Administration Agreement. Expense Administrator: The Trustee will act as Expense Administrator on behalf of the Trust pursuant to an Expense Administration Agreement, dated as of the date of the Trust Agreement (the "Expense Administration Agreement"), between the Trustee as Expense Administrator (the "Expense Administrator") and the Trust. The Expense Administrator will receive a fee equal to $5,500 payable on each Distribution Date. The Expense Administrator Make-Whole Amount, if any, shall also be considered part of the Expense Administrator's fee hereunder and under the Expense Administration Agreement. The Amounts specified in this paragraph are also referred to as the "Expense Administrator's Fee". The Expense Administrator will be responsible for paying the Trustee Fee and reimbursing certain other expenses of the Trust in accordance with the Expense Administration Agreement.

  • Administration Fund means the Administration Fund established by the Fiscal Agent pursuant to Section 4.01 hereof.

  • Administrative Procedures means the Administrative Procedures of Minnesota Management & Budget developed in accord with M.S. 43A.04, subdivision 4.

  • Misadministration means the administration of:

  • Notice and Administration Expenses means all costs, fees, and expenses incurred in connection with providing notice to the Settlement Class and the administration of the Settlement, including but not limited to: (i) providing notice of the proposed Settlement by mail, publication, and other means to Settlement Class Members; (ii) receiving and reviewing claims; (iii) applying the Plan of Allocation; (iv) communicating with Persons regarding the proposed Settlement and claims administration process; (v) distributing the proceeds of the Settlement; and (vi) fees related to the Escrow Account and investment of the Settlement Fund.

  • Administration Fee means the fee payable to the Administrator pursuant to Section 3 of the Administration Agreement.

  • Exchange Administration Agreement means the exchange administration agreement dated as of the Closing Date between Freddie Mac and the Exchange Administrator.

  • Swap Administration Agreement As defined in Section 4.08(b).