Public Sample Clauses

Public. Subject to the provisions of Section 7.3.4, any holder of Shares may Transfer such Shares in a Public Offering or, after the closing of the Initial Public Offering, pursuant to Rule 144, which Shares will conclusively be deemed thereafter not to be Shares or Registrable Securities under this Agreement and not to be subject to any of the provisions hereof or entitled to the benefit of any of the provisions hereof.
Public. Subject to the provisions of Section 11.4.4, any ------ holder of Management Shares may Transfer any or all of such Management Shares in a Public Offering or, after the closing of an Initial Public Offering, pursuant to Rule 144. Any attempted Transfer of Management Shares not in compliance with this Section 8 shall be null and void, and the Company shall not in any way give effect to any such impermissible Transfer.
Public. 2,486,058,500 (two billion four hundred eighty six million fifty eight thousand five hundred) shares. other than those whose names as mentioned above, there is no other person or party being the shareholders of the DEBTOR.
Public. For a Public Event, the Pool Area shall remain open to Members. There is no exclusive use to the Host.
Public liability insurance in the name of the Supplier for not less than Five Million Dollars ($5,000,000), for any one event or such other amount as the State may reasonably require;
Public. Projects. LEED­registered and certified projects are, by default, considered "public" projects and, as such, they are included in a public directory of projects (the "LEED Project Directory"). Inclusion in the LEED Project Directory allows the general public and members of the media to look up specific project listings and the following details: project name, project address, project typology, registration date, identity of the owner, owner organization type, project team information, project gross square footage, and, to the extent that the Project achieves certification, date of certification, identification of which credits were sought and which and how many were achieved, the level of certification achieved, and the currency of performance data reporting(collectively, "Public Project Information"). GBCI shall not distribute or publish any submitted plans, drawings or schematics pertaining to any project without permission except to GBCI's employees, agents, representatives, contractors, and subsidiaries for the purpose of assessing the Project.
Public. (and other similar terms, such as “publicly”) shall mean outside of the Board meeting.
Public. 1 ) the member's public holiday entitlement and pay shall be earned on a proportionate basis in accordance with the ratio that the member's scheduled weekly hours bears to the full­ time hours of the position being shared . Such entitlement shall be credited to their public holiday account effective January 01 of each calendar year, or effective as at the commencement of the job sharing arrangement in respect of the public holidays remaining in the balance of that calendar year.