Dissemination Sample Clauses

Dissemination. 1. All public events, activities, curricular materials, press releases, requests for proposals, bid solicitations, and other documents produced with OSHE funds provided pursuant to this agreement must state clearly that the project partnership is administered by OSHE and that OSHE is a partner in the project partnership. The only official name to be used in describing the overall program is “Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF)” and no other institutional- specific branded name shall be used in official communication about the grants.
Dissemination. 1. Each beneficiary shall ensure that the foreground of which it has ownership is disseminated as swiftly as possible. If it fails to do so, the REA may disseminate that foreground.
Dissemination. In each school and on the district’s website the district will prominently post information on reporting harassment, intimidation and bullying; the name and contact information for making a report to a school administrator; and the name and contact information for the district compliance officer. The district’s policy and procedure will be available in each school in a language that families can understand.Annually, the superintendent will ensure that a statement summarizing the policy and procedure is provided in student, staff, volunteer, and parent handbooks, is available in school and district offices and/or hallways, or is posted on the district’s website.Additional distribution of the policy and procedure is subject to the requirements of Washington Administrative Code 392-400-226.
Dissemination. 1. Without prejudice of the need to secure the legal protection of Intellectual Property the beneficiary(ies) shall ensure that the foreground which they own is published or otherwise made publicly available as soon as reasonably practicable.
Dissemination. 14.1. If a Partner wishes to disseminate information relating to the Foreground Intellectual Property, it shall give the other Partners (via the Project Management Team) no less than thirty (30) days prior written notice of any such publication, during which time any objection to the publication must be raised. Where no objection is made during said period, this shall be deemed an approval of the dissemination activity. However, if an objection is made and upheld, the publishing Partner shall:
Dissemination. 31.4.1 Modes of dissemination shall not be limited to academic journals, books, or conferences (as noted in Article 33.9).
Dissemination. All Office of the Secretary of Higher Education grant-supported public events/activities/curriculum materials as well as dissemination activities for this project shall be acknowledged as related to and/or supported by the New Jersey Educational Opportunity Fund.ATTACHMENT D STATE OF NEW JERSEYOffice of the Secretary of Higher Education EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY FUND 2017-2018 GRANT DEADLINES1 The following materials MUST be submitted on or before the dates indicated. Failure to comply will result in the delay of EOF payments to your institution. REPORTS/FORMS DEADLINE DATE(S) Annual Report Form (must be sent via-e-mail) Oct. 31, 2017 EOF Expenditure Reports:Final FY 2017 Art. IV Expenditure Report Reg. & Special Projects Summer 2017 (FY17/18)FY 2018 Article IV 1st Interim Expend. Report (July 1, 2017 - Dec. 31, 2017) FY 2018 Final Request for Article IV Budget ModificationsFY 2018 Article IV 2nd Interim Expend. Report2 (July 1, 2017 – March 31, 2018)Final FY 2018 Article IV Expenditure ReportAug. 31, 2017Sept. 15, 2017Jan. 15, 2018Apr. 1, 2018Apr. 15, 2017Aug. 31, 2018 Graduate Grant Applications:Fall & Spring Semester Graduate Grant Applications Spring Only Graduate Grant ApplicationsOct. 1, 2017Feb. 1, 2018
Dissemination. Recipient will submit any management report ------------- dissemination list decisions to AOL for consideration.
Dissemination level Please indicate the dissemination level using one of the following codes: PU Public CO Confidential, only for members of the consortium (including the Commission Services) EU-RES Classified Information: RESTREINT UE (Commission Decision 2005/444/EC) EU-CON Classified Information: CONFIDENTIEL UE (Commission Decision 2005/444/EC) EU-SEC Classified Information: SECRET UE (Commission Decision 2005/444/EC)