Providing Sample Clauses

Providing. Maintaining painting of controller foundation yellow and black strips and maintaining junction name, junction code on controller cabinet and Meter number on Power supply box.
Providing. (a) technical assistance to conduct a feasibility study and prepare bidding documents for the purchase of additional broadband capacity for primary and secondary schools as well as undertake an evaluation of WebLabs I; and
Providing. (a) tablets for new education staff; (b) internet and mobile connectivity to education staff; (c) video lessons for students; (d) equipment, supplies and Operating Costs for the implementation of WebLabs II; and (e) technical assistance to support development of a new ICT curriculum in schools and training of ICT teachers.
Providing reports and assistance regarding each series' compliance with securities and tax laws and each series' investment objectives; (i) arranging for dissemination of yield and other performance information to newspapers and tracking services; (j) arranging for and preparing annual renewals for fidelity bond and errors and omissions insurance coverage; (k) developing a budget for the Trust, establishing the rate of expense accruals and arranging for the payment of all fixed and management expenses; and (l) answering questions from the general public, the media and investors in the Trust regarding (i) the securities holdings of the Trust; (ii) any limits in which the Trust invests; (iii) the social investment philosophy of the Trust; and (iv) the proxy voting philosophy and shareholder activism philosophy of the Trust. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Sponsor shall not be deemed to have assumed, pursuant to this Agreement, any duties with respect to, and shall not be responsible for, the management of the Trust's assets or the rendering of investment advice and supervision with respect thereto or the distribution of shares of any series, nor shall the Sponsor be deemed to have assumed or have any responsibility with respect to functions specifically assumed by any transfer agent, custodian, fund accounting pricing agent or shareholder servicing agent of the Trust.
Providing a. Remove existing controller and panels and install new Delta DAC-1146E controllers and DFM-440 field modules in new enclosures
Providing a. Remove existing controller and panel for AHU-1 and install new Delta eBCON controller and I/O modules in new enclosure
Providing a. DDC controllers and control panels