Prospects Sample Clauses

Prospects. Subject to the Solicitation Procedures described in section 2, including completion of due diligence as described in section 2(b), NCPS will identify individuals and/or institutions that NCPS wishes to solicit on behalf of the Company for the Offering (“NCPS Prospects”), who, together with any other individuals or institutions who view the Offering through the Platform Technology (defined below) or are otherwise referred by the Company (the “Company Prospects”) will be deemed to be prospective investors under this Agreement (each, a “Prospect” and collectively “the Prospects”). For the avoidance of doubt, the parties listed in Exhibit A (“Excluded Investors”) shall be deemed to be Company Prospects. All information about NCPS Prospects is confidential information of NCPS, provided however upon any such NCPS Prospect becoming an investor in the Company all information provided to the Company by such NCPS Prospect will be Company property also. NCPS agrees to provide the Company with identifying information about each Prospect at or before closing of the Offering. Any such Prospect who (i) has not been introduced to the Company before the final closing of the Offering (“Closing”), or (ii) has not invested in the Company within six months after the termination of this Agreement will no longer be regarded as a Prospect hereunder and NCPS will have no claim under Section 4.
Prospects. Exhibit "A" lists Prospects initially to be acquired by the Partnership, and its proportionate working interest in each Prospect. Most xxxxx to be drilled by the Partnerships will be offsets to producing xxxxx. Therefore, it is unlikely that a well drilled on a Prospect will prove up any additional acreage outside the Prospect. If a Partnership well does prove up additional acreage, PDC will assign the Partnership a proportionate interest in such spacing units.
Prospects. I will provide names and contact information for _______ prospects by (date) ________. Even if I am unable to follow up with all of these people personally, I will still add names to the list for mailings, event invitations, etc.
Prospects. From time to time McMoRan will obtain information upon which it can determine and define a particular portion of the Program Area with sufficient specificity as to be identified as a Prospect. The term "Prospect" means a contiguous area which can reasonably be interpreted from geological and/or geophysical data as encompassing a geological structure, stratigraphic trap or other common geologic feature which makes its treatment as a single Prospect for oil and gas production purposes reasonable and some portion of which is considered prospective for commercial oil or gas production and is designated as such pursuant to this Article VIII. Based on such information, McMoRan shall from time to time designate an area as a Prospect of the Program. The size and configuration of a Prospect, as well as all details incident thereto, shall be determined by McMoRan. During the Program Term, McMoRan alone shall determine the time when an area is designated as a Prospect, whether or not Leasehold Interests have previously been acquired therein. After the Program Term and in accordance with Paragraph 8.2 hereof, any member of the McMoRan Group shall have the right to designate a Prospect which includes Leasehold Interests theretofore acquired through the Program. Without the prior consent of Participant, McMoRan shall not commit to the Program any Prospects which (1) McMoRan's economic analysis indicates will not have at least a before taxes rate of return of twenty-five (25) percent, or (2) the water depth for the first expected platform location is greater than 1,000 feet. At the time that McMoRan designates a Prospect it shall furnish to Participant a land plat showing the approximate outline of the Prospect and the proposed AMI therefor. Subject to Paragraph 5.2, McMoRan shall as soon as possible thereafter, upon written request of Participant, furnish Participant (to the extent not previously furnished) with all pertinent data then available with respect to the evaluation of such Prospect for oil or gas development excluding only such data as McMoRan is prohibited from disclosing by reason of confidentiality agreements with third parties respecting such data. Such data shall include a land and geophysical or geological report on such Prospect, including with respect to the drillsite for the first Exploratory Well proposed to be drilled thereon, a land plat, farmin, farmout and other trade agreements, copies of leases, drilling title opinions, assignments, unit desig...
Prospects. Exhibit "A" lists Prospects initially to be acquired by the Partnership, and its proportionate working interest in each Prospect. Most wxxxx to be drilled by the Partnerships will be offsets to, or located nearby, producing wxxxx. The Partnership will be assigned single well drilling or spacing units or portions thereof for prospects located on PDC's Pxxxxxx or Chevron acreage in Garfield County, Colorado or on acreage in PDC's Nxxxxx or Bxxxxx Project acreage in North Dakota or on development prospects located in the Greater Wattenberg Field Area. If an exploratory well is drilled on PDC's acreage in the above areas, and the well proves up reserves on the immediately adjacent spacing or drilling units, if PDC owns an interest in the adjacent units, PDC will assign the Partnership an interest equivalent to that owned in the exploratory well, proportionately reduced if PDC owns less than a 100% interest in the adjacent spacing units.
Prospects. Through the use of the Gridiron Seismic Data, Centurion has identified seven (7) specific geologically prospective areas (individually referred to herein as a “Prospect” and collectively referred to herein as “Prospects”) as scheduled on Exhibit “B” attached hereto and made a part hereof. The Prospects have been geologically evaluated adequately and independently by both Centurion and EXXI to justify the drilling of an Initial Prospect Well (as defined below in Section 4.02) in each of such Prospects.
Prospects. 1. Top prospects listed by industry;
Prospects. Prospects" shall mean Prospective Customers and/or --------- Prospective Subscribers.
Prospects. Rozel shall have sole responsibility for the generation of Prospects, and to the extent it generates Prospects, Rozel shall keep Beta informed on a timely basis of such developments. Upon Rozel utilizing Lease Acquisition Funds to acquire a Prospect to Beta, Rozel shall allow Beta to review at Rozel's office such Prospect, subject to Beta entering into a mutually acceptable form of confidentiality agreement with Rozel. Rozel shall notify Beta in writing with a description of the proposed initial test well on any Prospect in which Beta has the right to participate hereunder. Beta shall notify Rozel in writing of Beta's election to participate in such initial test well for Beta's WI within two weeks of Beta's receipt of such notice from Rozel. If Beta fails to so notify Rozel within such two-week period, Beta shall be deemed to have elected not to participate in such initial test well. If Beta participates in such initial test well, the drilling of any subsequent xxxxx shall be pursuant to the terms of the applicable operating agreement for such Prospect.
Prospects. The healthcare industry continues to grow with the factors from aging and growing populations, greater prevalence of chronic diseases to technological advancement. Thus, Deloitte in its 2020 global healthcare outlook stated that the industry will continue to see a rise in healthcare demand and expenditures. In another report by Frost & Xxxxxxxx, it was revealed that the total healthcare industry spending in Malaysia, which stood at RM52 billion at end-2017, is expected to reach about RM80 billion by 2020, fuelled by increasing demand for healthcare services, and emergence of new care models beyond traditional hospital settings. With the projected growth and increase in the total healthcare industry spending, the Group through its subsidiary, HSBS, plans to venture into the healthcare business particularly in the provision of medical supplies such as medicine, medical equipment, test-kits, supplements and related healthcare products in addition to the supply chain management services. Thus, through the Agreement, HSBS has partnered with KOOP MMA and MMA on eMedAsia’s digital platform to tap on their existing network of approximately 30,000 medical practitioners doubled with the Group’s capabilities to leverage on Line Clear’s expertise and resources in logistics and fulfilment services, there will be a ready customer base for HSBS to market our medical supplies and complete the supply chain. This is spurred by the potential in which eMedAsia in being the pioneer in digitalising the medical industry whereby it enables the clinics and doctors to bring down the cost of supplies as a result from bulk purchasing of the medical supplies while providing patients with access to the telemedicine services. As such, the success of eMedAsia will benefit HSBS in terms of market reach. Besides that, through the Agreement, HSBS will also be providing services for eMedAsia and its member clinics to carry out mobile targeting test facilities with eMedAsia’s pathology xxx xxxxxxxx which will analyse the samples and produce the test results especially during a pandemic or disease outbreak such as Covid-19 and SARS. The Board believes that through the Agreement, the synergy between HSBS, KOOP MMA, Open Dynamics and Line Clear would contribute positively to MSCM Group’s future earnings and improve MSCM Group’s financial position while reducing dependency on the Group's existing businesses.