Presenting Sample Clauses

Presenting. If the receiver of your inventory is sitting across from you, and has made the offer, what are you to do? Are you ready to bring this person into your heart? If you are unwilling at this point to accept their offer then you must admit your reluctance and nothing further can be accomplished. If you are willing, verbally accept their offer, make the compact. If you are presenting a 5th step to others, it is important to do so frankly free of fear. Those receiving your 5th step are there for you. Complete abandon to God and a freedom from fear will allow you to be completely honest with each one. You must be completely honest or the opportunity has been squandered. Be concise in your delivery, color not your inventory lest the time is wasted clearing up the subsequent confusion. If you allow someone receiving your 5th step to ask questions or share experience, you are to listen in quiet contemplation of the gift God has delivered. You are not to defend or backtrack if you feel slighted or confused. If your presentation is from the heart, is solely the truth and is God directed, nothing can be wrong or inappropriate. You are here to clear away the wreckage, humble yourself before God, yourself and another. This is a 5th step not a 9th step if you owe someone an amends, now is not the time, later today maybe and quite possibly tomorrow will be, but share the harm freely knowing that it is a breath away from being amended. • I sit before you completely prepared to make a full confession of my shortcomings. • My writings are clear and concise and encompass all God has directed me to bring today. • I will deliver to you the inventory as my sponsor has directed me. • I will not color it, nor will I shape it to suit who I think you are. • I agree to withhold nothing. • I agree not to explain but to deliver the unvarnished truth as God already knows it. • I will honor your time by not wasting it. • I will be complete in my delivery. • I trust you. • I will never speak to anyone of anything shared in this spiritual time. • I will be humbly grateful for the time you have offered, forever. Read each bullet point out loud once the receiver has agreed to this compact and you have accepted their offer. Look the other in the eye and read each one from the heart. Each and everyone is a commitment from you. This is your commitment to God, yourself and them. If you honestly take this step withholding nothing, you are entering the Sunlight of the Spirit. If you cannot agree to ...
Presenting. (Custom)
Presenting. A grievance of employee or a joint grievance of any group of employees shall be presented to the management in the following manner:
Presenting. $100,000 • Logo above the fold on every page in the Alianza Community • Customized QuePasa Profile • On-Line Contest • 2 Branded E-Newsletters • 10 Branded results Bulletins (1 after each tourney) • Run of Community Banner Ad Campaign
Presenting. A faculty member presenting at a professional conference or workshop, wherein the presentation proposal was refereed, shall have the activity evaluated at the rate of thirty hours of presentation for one equivalent credit (30:1).

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  • Witnesses At any stage of the grievance or arbitration procedure, the parties may have the assistance of the employee(s) concerned as witnesses and any other witnesses. All reasonable arrangements will be made to permit the concerned parties or the Arbitrator(s) to have access to the Employer's premises to view any working conditions which may be relevant to the settlement of the grievance.

  • Bullying The Employer and the Union agree that behaviors that harm, intimidate or coerce vulnerable individuals can contribute to a hostile work environment. Examples of such behavior include, but are not limited to:

  • WITNESS EXHIBIT A FORM OF SUBSCRIPTION (to be signed only on exercise of Warrant) TO: BRAVO! FOODS INTERNATIONAL CORP. The undersigned, pursuant to the provisions set forth in the attached Warrant (No.____), hereby irrevocably elects to purchase (check applicable box): ___ ________ shares of the Common Stock covered by such Warrant; or ___ the maximum number of shares of Common Stock covered by such Warrant pursuant to the cashless exercise procedure set forth in Section 2. The undersigned herewith makes payment of the full purchase price for such shares at the price per share provided for in such Warrant, which is $___________. Such payment takes the form of (check applicable box or boxes): ___ $__________ in lawful money of the United States; and/or ___ the cancellation of such portion of the attached Warrant as is exercisable for a total of _______ shares of Common Stock (using a Fair Market Value of $_______ per share for purposes of this calculation); and/or ___ the cancellation of such number of shares of Common Stock as is necessary, in accordance with the formula set forth in Section 2, to exercise this Warrant with respect to the maximum number of shares of Common Stock purchasable pursuant to the cashless exercise procedure set forth in Section 2. The undersigned requests that the certificates for such shares be issued in the name of, and delivered to _____________________________________________________ whose address is _________________________________________________ ______________________________________ . The undersigned represents and warrants that all offers and sales by the undersigned of the securities issuable upon exercise of the within Warrant shall be made pursuant to registration of the Common Stock under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the "Securities Act"), or pursuant to an exemption from registration under the Securities Act. Dated:___________________ ----------------------------------------- (Signature must conform to name of holder as specified on the face of the Warrant) ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- (Address) EXHIBIT B FORM OF TRANSFEROR ENDORSEMENT (To be signed only on transfer of Warrant) For value received, the undersigned hereby sells, assigns, and transfers unto the person(s) named below under the heading "Transferees" the right represented by the within Warrant to purchase the percentage and number of shares of Common Stock of BRAVO! FOODS INTERNATIONAL CORP. to which the within Warrant relates specified under the headings "Percentage Transferred" and "Number Transferred," respectively, opposite the name(s) of such person(s) and appoints each such person Attorney to transfer its respective right on the books of BRAVO! FOODS INTERNATIONAL CORP. with full power of substitution in the premises. ---------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- TRANSFEREES PERCENTAGE TRANSFERRED NUMBER TRANSFERRED ---------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- Dated: ______________, ___________ ----------------------------------------- (Signature must conform to name of holder as specified on the face of the Warrant) Signed in the presence of: --------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- (Name) ----------------------------------------- (Address) ACCEPTED AND AGREED: [TRANSFEREE] ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- (Address) ----------------------------------------- (Name)

  • History The Work Force Report (WFR) is the document that allows the City of San Diego to analyze the work forces of all firms wishing to do business with the City. We are able to compare the firm’s work force data to County Labor Force Availability (CLFA) data derived from the United States Census. CLFA data is a compilation of lists of occupations and includes the percentage of each ethnicity we track (American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, Black or African-American, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, White, and Other) for each occupation. Currently, our CLFA data is taken from the 2010 Census. In order to compare one firm to another, it is important that the data we receive from the consultant firm is accurate and organized in the manner that allows for this fair comparison.

  • Coaching Informal discussion or instruction between employee and their immediate supervisor. Supervisor may follow up in writing which may include a simple action plan. This is not a form of corrective action.

  • Counselors A. Newly ordered file cabinets for Counselors will have locks. No Counselors shall be held accountable, unless through their own negligence, for the loss of school records unless there is a secure place for storage.

  • Legal Compliance Contractor represents and warrants that it shall secure all notices and comply with all applicable laws, ordinances, rules and regulations of any governmental entity in conjunction with the performance of obligations under the Contract. Prior to award and during the Contract term and any renewals thereof, Contractor must establish to the satisfaction of the Commissioner that it meets or exceeds all requirements of the Bid and Contract and any applicable laws, including but not limited to, permits, licensing, and shall provide such proof as required by the Commissioner. Failure to comply or failure to provide proof may constitute grounds for the Commissioner to terminate or suspend the Contract, in whole or in part, or to take any other action deemed necessary by the Commissioner. Contractor also agrees to disclose information and provide affirmations and certifications to comply with Sections 139-j and 139-k of the State Finance Law.

  • Counselling Counselling for affected employees and family will be made available as necessary.


  • Legal Significance Patient acknowledges that this Agreement is a legal document and creates certain rights and responsibilities. Patient also acknowledges having had a reasonable time to seek legal advice regarding the Agreement and has either chosen not to do so or has done so and is satisfied with the terms and conditions of the Agreement.