Plan Area Sample Clauses

Plan Area. 4.2 Key Characteristics of the Plan Area After evaluating the economic, environmental, and social considerations within the Plan Area, the following key characteristics were identified: Land Use Lands within the Plan Area are predominately zoned Agricultural with the exception of five quarter sections of Airport Vicinity Overlay in the northeast corner and a portion of Rural Industrial on the west boundary.
Plan Area. 4.1 Plan Boundary The Plan Area (Map 1.0) was agreed upon and then examined to determine opportunities and constraints that could affect land use planning between the two municipalities. After consideration of the social, economic, and physical features listed below, a Plan Area of 1 mile surrounding the Village municipal boundary was adequate to achieve the goals of the plan. Within the Plan Area, the following economic, environmental and social considerations were examined:
Plan Area. The Plan Area, as defined in SA 304, includes Xxxxx Reservoir, as well as recreation sites and use areas along the reservoir shoreline. Recreation sites and use areas specifically identified in SA 304 and the Plan Area include the following:  Xxxxxxx Creek Campground and Boat LaunchXxxxx Lake Resort and Boat Launch  Panorama Point Campground and Boat Launch  Bayview Campground  Kulshan Campground  Maple Grove Campground  Horseshoe Cove Campground and Boat Launch  West Pass Dike Boat Launch In addition to these recreation sites and use areas, water safety-related information and materials may also be provided at the USDA-FS/National Park Service office in Sedro- Xxxxxxx and PSE’s visitor information center in Concrete. PSE may implement site- specific water safety-related actions at these two sites (which are not located along the Xxxxx Reservoir shoreline), as well as other potential sites and use areas, per the siting process described in Section 6.3 (Procedures).
Plan Area. This Noxious Weed Plan addresses lands within the Xxxxx River Project boundary and those lands outside the project boundary surveyed during relicensing studies. The initial Plan Area includes:  The perimeters of Xxxxx Lake and Xxxx Xxxxxxx up to the approximate high pool elevations of 727.7 and 442.35 feet, respectively;  The mouths of all USDA-FS Type 1, 2, or 3 streams with a defined channel, from the point of outflow to the reservoir upstream 300 meters, or as far as the invasive weeds were present;  Project facility areas including Puget Sound Energy campgrounds, dams and associated facilities, fish facilities, and dikes;  Selected sites where xxxx Xxxxxx (Geranium robertianum) has been previously sighted, including Maple Grove campground; and  Selected areas outside of the project boundary where invasive non-native weeds are present and are considered to be associated with the populations found within the project area. Weed management activities may be undertaken on lands acquired pursuant to Articles 502, 503, 504, and 505. These acquired parcels will be evaluated and managed per the specific guidelines in Section 4.3.1
Plan Area. ‌ The Xxxxx River watershed, U.S. Geological Survey Hydrologic Unit Code 17110005 (Upper Skagit), encompasses the plan area for SA 104. The plan area includes Xxxxx Lake and its tributaries, Xxxx Xxxxxxx and its tributaries, and the lower Xxxxx River from Xxxx Xxxxxxx downstream to the Skagit River.
Plan Area. The plan area for SA 108 includes the lower Xxxxx River alluvial fan and affected reaches of the Skagit River downstream and immediately upstream of the Xxxxx River confluence. The BRGMP applies to all lands within or below the ordinary high water mark (OHWM) of the lower Xxxxx and Skagit rivers.
Plan Area. This Decaying and Legacy Wood Plan applies to non-federal lands within the project boundary, including lands acquired for management of forest, elk, wetland, and aquatic/riparian habitats. Although all project lands are included in the project area, individual decaying and legacy wood management sites may be treated differently according to site-specific conditions and parameters, as described below.