Pink Sheets Sample Clauses

Pink Sheets. The Company's Common Stock is currently actively traded, and thus quoted, on the pink sheets.
Pink Sheets. The Company hereby discloses and Uni-Pixel hereby acknowledges that it is the plan of Company to continue a listing of Company Common Stock on the Pink Sheets. Notwithstanding, Uni-Pixel has, in its sole judgment, determined and agreed to enter into this Agreement and exchange its shares of Uni-Pixel Common Stock for shares of Company Common Stock on the terms and conditions set forth herein, irrespective of whether the Company shall continue to maintain a listing on the Pink Sheets.
Pink Sheets. Except as disclosed in the Schedule of Exceptions, the Company is not in violation of the listing requirements of the O.T.C. Bulletin Board and does not reasonably anticipate that the Common Stock will be delisted by the O.T.C. Bulletin Board for the foreseeable future. The Company has filed all reports required under the Exchange Act. The Company has not furnished to the Investor any material nonpublic information concerning the Company.
Pink Sheets. The Company shall use its reasonable best efforts to begin, effect and maintain a listing of Company Common Stock on the Pink Sheets.
Pink Sheets. The Pink Sheets are published twice daily by the National Quotation Bureau (NQB, a private company), and compete directly with the OTCBB. The Pink Sheets are principally a listing of stocks, with the names and telephone numbers of market makers. In general, quotes are not shown
Pink Sheets. BARNETT will use its best efforts to maintain the listing on the Pink Sheets of the BARNETT Common Stock. BARNETT shall take the necessary action to notify NASD Regulation of the Share Exchange in a timely manner.
Pink Sheets. Buyer warrants that it is listed and trading on the Pink Sheets under the ticker SAGR as of the Closing Date. For purposes of being listed on the Pink Sheets, the Buyer’s market maker is Knight Securities and Lampost Capital.
Pink Sheets. Buyer warrants that it is listed and trading on the Pink Sheets under the ticker NLWP as of the Closing Date.

Related to Pink Sheets

  • Bulletin Board Thereafter, the Company shall (i) use its best efforts to continue the listing and trading of its Common Stock on the O.T.C. Bulletin Board or to become eligible for and listed and available for trading on the Nasdaq Small Cap Market, the NMS, or the New York Stock Exchange ("NYSE"); and (ii) comply in all material respects with the Company's reporting, filing and other obligations under the By-Laws or rules of the National Association of Securities Dealers ("NASD") and such exchanges, as applicable.

  • Bulletin Boards The Employer shall provide bulletin board facilities for the exclusive use of the Union, the sites to be determined by mutual agreement. The use of such bulletin board facilities shall be restricted to the business affairs of the Union.

  • Union Bulletin Boards The Employer will provide bulletin boards in each building which may be used by the Union for posting notices of the following types:

  • Bulletin Board Space 6.01 The Employer shall provide a bulletin board for the exclusive use of the Union to be placed in a reasonably accessible location upon which designated space shall be provided where the Union may be permitted to post notices of meetings and other such notices which may be of interest to Employees. It is not the intention of the Union to post anything objectionable to the Employer.