Phase I Environmental Assessments Sample Clauses

Phase I Environmental Assessments. The Stockholders have delivered all Phase I Environmental Surveys requested by Group 1. Prior to Closing the Stockholders will complete at their cost all cure and remediation efforts recommended in such surveys, and, to the best of Stockholders' knowledge, the Company will have no residual liability with regard to any matter revealed in such surveys.
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Phase I Environmental Assessments. Prior to Closing Buyer shall have the right, at its sole cost and expense, to engage an environmental consulting firm to conduct a Phase I Environmental Assessment and Compliance Review, as such terms are commonly understood (“Phase I Environmental Assessment”) with respect to any and all Owned Real Property, provided that (a) any such Phase I Environmental Assessment shall be conducted only (i) during regular business hours, (ii) with no less than five (5) Business Days prior written notice to Seller, (iii) in a manner which will not unduly interfere with the operation of the Business and (iv) not involve any use or operation of equipment or any sampling or testing of environmental medial and (b) in respect of the Owned Real Property of the Tribune Business, Buyer and its consultants shall not be permitted to take any action on such Owned Real Property in connection with the conduct of any such Phase I Environmental Assessment that is prohibited by the Merger Agreement. Any damage to the Owned Real Property caused by Buyer and its consultants in conducting any such Phase I Environmental Assessment shall be repaired by Buyer at its sole cost and expense.
Phase I Environmental Assessments. Acquiror may engage an environmental consulting firm (the "Consultant") to conduct, at Acquiror's expense, Phase I Environmental Assessments in accordance with ASTM Standard E-1527-00 of those properties listed on Schedule 3.10(a) (the "Phase I Assessments") to be completed prior to the Closing Date. In the event such Phase I Assessments reveal one or more environmental conditions that are required under applicable Environmental Laws to be reported, investigated, brought into compliance, corrected, and/or remediated (an "Environmental Condition"), then the Acquiror may direct the Consultant, at Acquiror's sole cost, to promptly commence a Phase II investigation in accordance with ASTM Standard E-1903-97 and thereafter the Company shall diligently assist in the pursuit and completion of all actions with respect to any Environmental Condition. If an Environmental Condition is identified that requires correction or remediation under an applicable Environmental Law, Acquiror may, on behalf of the Company, obtain from any Governmental Authority with jurisdiction over the Environmental Conditions, a "no further action letter" or other written notification of full compliance with all applicable standards established by Environmental Laws.
Phase I Environmental Assessments. If requested by the Buyer's lender, or if otherwise reasonably requested by the Buyer, the Sellers shall promptly cause Phase I environmental audits (the "Phase I Environmental Assessments") of the 1735 Facility and the 1201 Facility to be prepared and delivered to the Buyer. Subject to the limitations set forth in the immediately succeeding sentence, the Sellers shall undertake and shall perform until completed all commercially reasonable environmental remediation and corrective actions set forth in the Phase I Environmental Assessments, subject to the limitations set forth in this Section 7.4. The Sellers shall diligently attempt to complete all such corrective actions on or before the Closing Date, and shall bear all fees, costs and expenses (the "Remediation Costs") arising from or in connection with performance of such corrective actions up to an aggregate amount of Two Hundred Thousand ($200,000) Dollars. If the Remediation Costs exceed Two Hundred Thousand ($200,000) Dollars, and the Sellers notify the Buyer that they will not expend funds in excess of such amount for such remediation, the Buyer shall have the option to: (a) pay for any excess Remediation Costs, (b) consummate the transactions contemplated herein, but the Buyer, at its option, will be relieved of the obligation to lease the Facility requiring such corrective action, or (c) terminate this Agreement.
Phase I Environmental Assessments. 60 6.17 Delivery of Financial Projections..............................................................61 6.18 [Intentionally Omitted]........................................................................61 6.19
Phase I Environmental Assessments. The Company shall have delivered to the Purchaser Phase I Environmental Assessments, in form and substance satisfactory to the Purchaser, with respect to certain real property owned or leased by the Company Parties and selected by the Purchaser in its sole discretion.
Phase I Environmental Assessments. Prior to the Closing Date, at Buyer’s sole cost and expense, Buyer may undertake Phase I environmental assessments (the “Phase I Environmental Assessments”) with respect to any or all of the Real Property. The Phase I Environmental Assessments will be undertaken by an environmental consultant selected by Buyer.
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Related to Phase I Environmental Assessments

  • Environmental Assessments Foreclose on or take a deed or title to any commercial real estate without first conducting a Phase I environmental assessment of the property or foreclose on any commercial real estate if such environmental assessment indicates the presence of a Hazardous Substance in amounts which, if such foreclosure were to occur, would be material.

  • Environmental Assessment In connection with its surrender of the Premises, Tenant shall submit to Landlord, at least fifteen (15) days prior to the expiration date of this Lease (or in the event of an earlier termination of this Lease, as soon as reasonably possible following such termination), an environmental Assessment of the Premises by a competent and experienced environmental engineer or engineering firm reasonably satisfactory to Landlord (pursuant to a contract approved by Landlord and providing that Landlord can rely on the Environmental Assessment). If such Environmental Assessment reveals that remediation or Clean-up is required under any Environmental Laws that Tenant is responsible for under this Lease, Tenant shall submit a remediation plan prepared by a recognized environmental consultant and shall be responsible for all costs of remediation and Clean-up, as more particularly provided in Section 5.3, above.

  • Environmental Audits There are no environmental audits, evaluations, assessments, studies or tests relating to the Corporation except for ongoing assessments conducted by or on behalf of the Corporation in the ordinary course.

  • Environmental Audit Upon reasonable notice, Director shall have the right but not the obligation to conduct or cause to be conducted by a firm acceptable to Director, an environmental audit or any other appropriate investigation of the Premises for possible environmental contamination. Such investigation may include environmental sampling and equipment and facility testing, including the testing of secondary contamination. No such testing or investigation shall limit Tenant’s obligations hereunder or constitute a release of Tenant’s obligations therefor. Tenant shall pay all costs associated with said investigation in the event such investigation shall disclose any Hazardous Materials contamination as to which Tenant is liable hereunder.

  • Phase I a. In Phase I, the project will be connected as a tap to the Transmission Owner’s 230kV transmission line MWP-2 via one 230kV circuit breaker in series with one of two ring bus breakers for stuck breaker protection (one in each direction) and a tie-line breaker, as shown on the one-line diagram labeled CL-E-IA-01 attached to this Appendix A as Figure 1. The changes to the existing MWP-2 line protection for this arrangement are described in Phase I System Upgrades in Section II of this Appendix A.

  • Environmental Site Assessment Perform in accordance with the City Design Manual and other City requirements as designated in writing by the Director.

  • Environmental Report Prior to the Closing, the Company shall (i) provide to Purchaser a letter from the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality ("DEQ") stating that no further investigation or remediation will be required by DEQ related to the two fuel oil underground storage tanks formerly located at KOLN-TV, Lincoln, Nebraska and noted in Section 4.7 of the Environmental Report related to KOLN-TV (the "Former USTs"), or (ii) cause, at its sole cost and expense, Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx or such other environmental consultant as shall be reasonably acceptable to Purchaser (the "Environmental Consultant") to perform an investigation, consistent with applicable state regulations (the "Investigation"), of the area surrounding the Former USTs to determine if contamination from the Former USTs is present. In the event actionable levels of contamination related to the Former USTs are detected by such Investigation, the Stockholders may, at their sole discretion, elect to cause the Company to remediate the identified contamination in compliance with applicable state regulations (the "Remedial Action"). In the event the Stockholders do not make such election or the Remedial Action is not completed on or prior to the Closing Date, then the Purchase Price shall be reduced by the amount determined by the Environmental Consultant to be reasonably necessary to complete the Remedial Action. The Company shall keep the Purchaser reasonably apprised of the status of any Investigation or Remedial Action by providing the Purchaser with Material documents and information relating to the performance of the Investigation and Remedial Action. Prior to the Closing, the Company shall further cause Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx or the Environmental Consultant to visually observe the towers located in Beaver Crossing and Heartwell, Nebraska and provide a letter report summarizing such observations to Purchaser and the Company. The Environmental Consultant's costs to conduct such visual observations shall be paid equally by the Stockholders and Purchaser. Such letter report shall state that no condition exists with respect to the assets currently owned, leased, operated, or controlled by the Company or any of the Subsidiaries that has resulted in, or would reasonably be expected to result in, any violation of an Environmental Law, any Environmental Claim, or in any Liability relating to an Environmental Matter. Such report shall include an estimate of the total cost of remedying any such condition reported therein. In the event such letter report indicates that such a condition exists, the Stockholders shall remedy such condition to Purchaser's reasonable satisfaction within ninety (90) days after the date of the Stockholders' receipt of the final draft of the letter report. If such condition cannot be remedied to Purchaser's reasonable satisfaction within ninety (90) days, the Purchase Price shall be reduced by the amount determined by Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx or the Environmental Consultant to be reasonably necessary to remedy such condition.

  • Phase II A small portion of the work for the Phase II modifications to the Plattsburgh Substation will be performed by Transmission Owner, and the remainder will be performed by Clinton and Xxxxxxxxx. A detailed definition of the specific scope for Transmission Owner and Clinton and Xxxxxxxxx including interface points shall be defined during the design phase and, as such documents become available, copies will be delivered to the NYISO, Transmission Owner, Noble Altona Windpark, LLC and Marble River, LLC. The full scope includes the installation of wave traps, CCVT’s and modifications and/or additions to relaying on the MWP-1 and MWP- 2 lines. These lines will be reconfigured at the completion of Phase II to connect to Xxxxx and Xxxxxxx Substations on MWP-1 and the Xxxx Substation on MWP-2. Clinton and Xxxxxxxxx will design the upgrades and purchase the materials based on the outline specification that was prepared and issued by Transmission Owner. The work to be performed by Clinton and Xxxxxxxxx will include both the materials for the exterior and interior installations and items for Transmission Owner installation inside the control building in existing relay panels and communication racks. In addition, Clinton and Xxxxxxxxx will be responsible for the exterior and interior construction work and will provide construction management services in coordination with Transmission Owner. The civil design for the foundations and the electrical design for the cable runs to the control room will be designed by, as approved by Transmission Owner, and installed under the supervision and control of Clinton and Xxxxxxxxx. The equipment will be selected and procured in accordance with the specifications developed during the detailed engineering phase, copies of which shall be furnished to the NYISO, Transmission Owner, Noble Altona Windpark, LLC and Marble River, LLC. The construction of the foundations, structures, wave traps, CCTV and cable runs into the control building to the termination cabinets will be completed by Clinton and Xxxxxxxxx. The work at the Plattsburgh Substation will be installed under Transmission Owner’s CPP-1. Transmission Owner will provide Protection and Controls Engineering, install and terminate wiring from the termination cabinets to the control panels and relays, install relays and equipment in the existing panels, and will commission such work inside the 230kV control building. Transmission Owner will develop the communications protocols and data flow over the circuits.

  • Environmental Audits and Reports As soon as practicable following receipt thereof, copies of all material environmental audits, investigations, analyses and reports of any kind or character, whether prepared by personnel of Company or any of its Subsidiaries or by independent consultants, Government Authorities or any other Persons, with respect to significant environmental matters at any Facility that, individually or in the aggregate, could reasonably be expected to result in a Material Adverse Effect or with respect to any Environmental Claims that, individually or in the aggregate, could reasonably be expected to result in a Material Adverse Effect;

  • Environmental Reports Lender shall have received an environmental report in respect of the Property, in each case reasonably satisfactory to Lender.

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