Compliance Review definition

Compliance Review means an inspection of the home, grounds, and files to determine compliance with these regulations.
Compliance Review as defined in Section 5.5(b).
Compliance Review means a compliance review conducted by the IRG as required by Paragraph C.7 of Exhibit E;

Examples of Compliance Review in a sentence

  • If the District chooses to employ a third party Labor Compliance Review entity; in ADDITION to the DLSE, all Bidders and their subcontractors of all tiers must adhere to the software submission, review and monitoring requirements of said selected entity.

  • Following the 2014 Privacy Compliance Review (PCR), the DHS Privacy Office recommended that CBP continue to work towards a one-to-one refresh rate for all underlying systems to minimize the potential for discrepancies between the data in AFI and the source systems.

  • Proper contract administration of these programs can help the contractor avoid serious Contract Compliance Review problems, up to and including debarment.The Department’s External Affirmative Action Plan and annual EEO Assurances explain the Department’s obligations, procedures, and performance with respect to these programs.

  • Should the program become inundated with new carriers while we are growing in this process, NESA-Certified Compliance Review MCSAP Inspectors will assist by conducting safety audits, in order to reduce the inventory to manageable levels.

  • A minimum balance of $1,000.00 must be in the project account at the time the Condition Compliance Review is initiated.

More Definitions of Compliance Review

Compliance Review means that Digital Risk reviewed each Loan to determine, as applicable, to the extent possible and subject to the caveats below, whether the Loan complies with the applicable Federal, State, and local regulatory requirements as noted below, each as amended, restated and/or replaced from time to time.
Compliance Review means a review of claims for payment submitted by the Provider undertaken by the Department from time to time.
Compliance Review means a compliance review conducted by the IRG as required by Paragraph C.7 of Exhibit E, and Compliance Reviews is a reference to compliance reviews conducted by the IRG or compliance reviews conducted by the IRG and the Internal Review Groups of the other Servicers, as the context indicates;
Compliance Review means an assessment by GSFC of an Eligible Postsecondary Institution by evaluating the Eligible Postsecondary Institution’s compliance with the regulations governing programs administered by GSFC, in accordance with GSFC’s
Compliance Review means that a team of the CDE staff reviews a contractor's program at the program site to determine compliance with applicable laws, regulations, or contractual provisions. 5 CCR 18023 (1)
Compliance Review means an anal- ysis of a recipient’s selected employ- ment practices or delivery of services for adherence to provisions of any of the subparts of this part.
Compliance Review means a review of a certified provider conducted by the department or a county board for the purpose of determining provider compliance with applicable requirements in order to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of individuals served.