Permit Area Sample Clauses

Permit Area. [The permitting authority should insert language that identifies the geographic area covered by the permit being issued (e.g., State, watershed, etc.).]
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Permit Area. The permit terminates on the expiration date. The permit is subject to policies and procedures promulgated by City, which may change from time to time. The privilege granted by this permit applies only to those areas of the City clearly marked for legal parking. This permit does not in any way reserve or guarantee a parking space.
Permit Area. The area described in the Decree instituting the Mining Permit.
Permit Area. The permit covers all areas within the State of Wyoming except areas within the Wind River Indian Reservation where the State does not have jurisdiction.
Permit Area. All lands within the Permit Area other than 1) Rice Farming lands subject to the Permits, and 2) those lands within the MAPSPA depicted on the Baseline Map, are required to provide mitigation for the direct, indirect and cumulative impacts of development upon Covered Species and their habitat. Mitigation may be provided in any one of the three methods specified in Sections 3.1.14 and 4.3.5. of this Agreement.
Permit Area. The Permittee shall have the following rights, privileges and obligations with respect to the Permit Area:
Permit Area. The area initially designated as part of the residential parking program is generally bounded by [Central Parkway on the north and east, Xxxxxxxx Avenue on the west, and West Ninth Street on the south]. The permit area may be adjusted from time to time upon action by the City determining the actual boundaries of a residential parking district in the vicinity of the Project.
Permit Area. Approximately [insert number] square feet of [select Commercial Merchandise, Public Amenity], as defined below, on the sidewalk on [insert name of street] owned by the Port, located in the City and County of San Francisco, State of California, as shown on Exhibit A, attached hereto and made a part hereof (the "Permit Area").
Permit Area. The Permit Area is more particularly shown on Attachment A hereto and made a part hereof. The Permit is non-exclusive and is subject to the rights of ingress and egress by the Agency and others, who are authorized to access portions of the Permit Area.
Permit Area. The area of Lane designated for non-exclusive use (by Licence of Occupation) by an adjacent business. The Permit Area uses are defined by Zone.