Offices and Records The Borrower shall maintain its organizational form, jurisdiction of organization, organizational identification number, principal place of business and chief executive office and the office at which it stores its Records at the respective locations specified in Schedule 4.01(b) or, upon 30 days’ prior written notice to the Administrative Agent, at such other location in a jurisdiction where all action requested by the Administrative Agent pursuant to Section 12.13 shall have been taken with respect to the Borrower Collateral. The Borrower shall, and shall cause the Servicer to at its own cost and expense, maintain adequate and complete records of the Transferred Receivables and the Borrower Collateral, including records of any and all payments received, credits granted and merchandise returned with respect thereto and all other dealings therewith. The Borrower shall, and shall cause the Servicer to, by no later than the Effective Date, mark conspicuously with a legend, in form and substance satisfactory to the Administrative Agent, its books and records (including computer records) and credit files pertaining to the Borrower Collateral, and its file cabinets or other storage facilities where it maintains information pertaining thereto, to evidence this Agreement and the assignment and Liens granted pursuant to this Article VII. Upon the occurrence and during the continuance of a Termination Event, the Borrower shall, and shall cause the Servicer to, deliver and turn over such books and records to the Administrative Agent or its representatives at any time on demand of the Administrative Agent. Prior to the occurrence of a Termination Event and upon notice from the Administrative Agent or any Managing Agent, the Borrower shall, and shall cause the Servicer to, permit any representative of the Administrative Agent or any Managing Agent to inspect such books and records and shall provide photocopies thereof to the Administrative Agent or any Managing Agent as more specifically set forth in Section 7.05(b).
Files and Records (a) To the extent permitted by applicable law, the Management Company shall supervise and maintain custody of all files and records relating to the operation of the business of the Medical Group, including, without limitation, accounting, billing, collection, or patient medical records. The management of all files and records shall be in compliance with applicable state and federal statutes. Business records of the Medical Group created and/or maintained by the Management Company shall be the joint property of the Management Company and the Medical Group and shall at all times be located at a location that is readily accessible to the parties. Patient medical records shall at all times be and remain the property of the Medical Group and shall be located at a location that is readily accessible for patient care. The Management Company shall preserve the confidentiality of patient medical records and use information contained in such records only for the limited purposes necessary to perform the management services set forth herein; provided, however, that in no event shall a breach of such confidentiality be deemed a default under this Agreement if the Management Company acted reasonably and in good faith to protect such confidentiality.
Audits and Records Upon REGIONAL SAN’S request, REGIONAL SAN or its designee shall have the right at reasonable times and intervals to audit, at CONSULTANT’S premises, CONSULTANT’S financial and program records as REGIONAL SAN deems necessary to determine CONSULTANT’S compliance with legal and contractual requirements and the correctness of claims submitted by CONSULTANT. CONSULTANT shall maintain such records for a period of four years following termination of the Agreement, and shall make them promptly available for copying upon REGIONAL SAN'S request at REGIONAL SAN'S expense. REGIONAL SAN shall have the right to withhold any payment under this Agreement until CONSULTANT has provided access to CONSULTANT'S financial and program records related to this Agreement.
Documents and Records Each Seller Party shall deliver to the Master Servicer, and the Master Servicer shall hold in trust for the Seller and the Purchaser in accordance with their respective interests, all documents, instruments and records (including, without limitation, computer tapes or disks) that evidence or relate to Pool Receivables.
Information and Records (a) Lessee shall promptly furnish to Lessor all such information as Lessor may from time to time reasonably request regarding the Aircraft or any part thereof, its use, registration, location and condition. In addition, Lessee shall, on each Maintenance Payments Date and the Termination Date, furnish to Lessor a monthly maintenance status report substantially in the form of Schedule 5.
Records The Custodian shall with respect to each Portfolio create and maintain all records relating to its activities and obligations under this Contract in such manner as will meet the obligations of the Fund under the Investment Company Act of 1940, with particular attention to Section 31 thereof and Rules 31a-1 and 31a-2 thereunder. All such records shall be the property of the Fund and shall at all times during the regular business hours of the Custodian be open for inspection by duly authorized officers, employees or agents of the Fund and employees and agents of the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Custodian shall, at the Fund's request, supply the Fund with a tabulation of securities owned by each Portfolio and held by the Custodian and shall, when requested to do so by the Fund and for such compensation as shall be agreed upon between the Fund and the Custodian, include certificate numbers in such tabulations.
Reports and Records The Custodian shall:
Personnel Records Section One. An employee's personnel file or “personnel record” is defined as that which is maintained at the agency level, exclusive of any other file or record, provided however, in certain agencies which do not maintain personnel files or records at the agency level, the defined file or record shall be that which is maintained at the institution level.
Time Records (1) Every employer shall provide, to the satisfaction of the Regional Chamber, a semi- automatic time recording clock or other recording system and shall establish beyond reasonable doubt the actual time each individual employee has attended at the establishment.
Other Records The Company shall maintain records at the principal place of business of the Company or such other place as the Directors may determine, which shall include the following: