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Examples of Superintendent in a sentence

  • Administrative staff present: Mr. Kerry Johnson Superintendent, Mr. Matthew Frey HS/MS Principal, Mr. Dustin Pester EL Principal & Mr. Michael Siebeneck, Treasurer.

  • Tomko, Superintendent of Schools, recommends that the board of education confirm/approve the activity/events/fundraisers/etc.

  • Kimberly Umphrey, Business Manager⮚ Mr. James Caravan, School Solicitor⮚ Dr. Shawn Fitzpatrick, Superintendent ⮚ Recording Secretary Mrs.

  • Superintendent/District Superintendent Please read the assurance below and check the box.If the Superintendent/District Superintendent or other party is the entity certifying evaluators, and also acts in the capacity of an evaluator, please assure that the certification process, including such self-certification, is implemented with fidelity.

  • Retrieved from Superintendent of Public Instruction Education Technology Task Force, Education Technology Task Force Work Group.

More Definitions of Superintendent

Superintendent means the person named in the Annexure as the Superintendent or other person from time to time appointed in writing by the Principal to be the Superintendent for the purposes of the Contract, and notified as such in writing to the Contractor by the Principal.
Superintendent means the superintendent of insurance.
Superintendent or “Supervisor” means the employee or representative of the Contractor designated by the Contractor to act as Superintendent;