Pursuant to Law No Sample Clauses

Pursuant to Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data, User has the right to learn whether his/her personal data is processed, request information if personal data has been processed, learn the purpose of processing personal data and whether it is used in accordance with its purpose, learn the third parties in which the personal data is transferred domestically or abroad, request correction, request the deletion or destruction of personal data within the framework of the conditions stipulated in the Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698, request a notification of correction, deletion and destruction of the personal data made in accordance with the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data, notify the third parties to whom the processed data is transferred, object to the emergence of a result against the User himself/herself by analyzing it through the systems, and request the elimination of the damage in case there is a damage occurred due to the processing of the personal data by the violation of the Law no. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data. These rights can be used by sending them in writing to the e-mail address info@belbim.istanbul .
Pursuant to Law No. 72, any decision issued by CONTRACTOR is subject to appeal before the ADMINISTRATION. Such appeal shall be in accordance with the ADMINISTRATION's regulations and the Uniform Administrative Procedure Act, Law No. 170 of August 12, 1988, as amended and as applicable; provided, however, that enrollees' grievances shall be expeditiously solved and that CONTRACTOR shall fully cooperate for the prompt resolution of any such grievance.
Pursuant to Law No. 183-02, monetary and financial administration consists of the Monetary Board12, which is the top-level body, the Central Bank and the Banking Supervisory Authority; and it enjoys functional, organizational, and budgetary autonomy. The Monetary Board is responsible for setting the Dominican Republic's monetary, exchange rate and financial policies, while the Central Bank implements those policies in accordance with the monetary programme approved each year by the Monetary Board. The main function of the Banking Supervisory Authority is to supervise financial intermediaries and ensure that they comply with Law No. 183-02.
Pursuant to Law No. [_] and its implementing Decree No. [_], the enforcement of the obligations of the Bank under the Transaction Documents before courts sitting in Argentina is subject to certain obligatory mediation proceedings that need to have been exhausted prior to the initiation of lawsuits in Argentina, with the exception, among others, of bankruptcy and executory proceedings, which executory proceedings include the enforcement of foreign judgments, in which case mediation proceedings remain optional for the plaintiff.
Pursuant to Law No. 147, approved as of June 18, 1980, any contract exceeding a six month term during an electoral year, could be subject to immediate termination at the sole discretion of imparted directives by the incoming Executive Director.
Pursuant to Law No. The following is a presentation of the articles and the extent to which SAZ was meeting their requirements. Legislation with a regional scope further applies in connection with mining activities in the Azores and Madeira autonomous regions. Notwithstanding, under Portuguese corporate law, any foreign company not legally domiciled in Portugal that aims to undertake activity in Portugal for more than one year must create a permanent establishment in the Portuguese territory. This excludes the right to transfer or demolish the property. However, in some instances the Deed of Transfer maybe in the possession of a Bank, which holds a Mortgage Bond over the property, if any. The abandonment only becomes effective on the date it is approved by the MMRP and may not take place in less than three months or In case the mineral area is abandoned entirely, the mining title expires. Is there any change in the sources or the availability of capital to finance real estate transactions in your jurisdiction, whether equity or debt? Click anywhere on the bar, to resend verification email. The Agreement could be more specific by listing international organisations. If there was a bond registered over the property the outstanding amount as required by the bondholder is settled in full. Federal legislation operate in some goods like key statutes that property of the environment and related to release the registry at the right requirements for reserved areas. The Lawyers Committee for Human Rights has produced an analysis of the newly adopted Declaration on Human Rights Defenders, including discussion of each article and suggestions for implementation. The industry will watch with great interest as the continuing dialogue between government and stakeholders develops in the DRC, in South Africa and elsewhere throughout the mining world. Administrative Procedure Code, the minister in charge of the environment is a superior authority. Real estate transfer tax is levied on the transfer of shares of Dutch real estate companies. Please complete registration to gain access to the content. KPMG International provides no client services. President with appropriate authority to act to protect national security. For cash sales, it is advisable to keep the purchase price of either the real estate agent or the transfer transfer into the Trust. You may wish to reset your password. INGEMMET the granting of mining concession rights. If ownership, then a permission note should be obtained accord...
Pursuant to Law No. 78-17 dated 6 January 1978 relating to data protection, as amended, you have a right to access to the Data and also to rectify, delete any Data which is inaccurate. You may inform us of your unwillingness to receive commercial solicitation, such as marketing material.
Pursuant to Law No. 83-1 of January 3, 1983, all shares, other securities and financial instruments which may be substituted for or become supplementary to the Shares set forth as a pledge, due to exchanges, bringing together, splits, free attributions, subscriptions in cash or otherwise, as well as the products thereof, in all currencies, are included in the base of the present pledge.
Pursuant to Law No. 08/006-A of 7 July 2008 and Decree No. 08/27 of 24 December 2008, a National Road Maintenance Fund (FONER) with virtually all the characteristics of a second-generation fund was set up to maintain the road and rural roads after their commissioning. FONER resources are derived mainly from: (i) royalties levied on lubricants and fuel (96%); (ii) toll-gate fees (3%); and (iii) overload fines (1% of the cargo amount). According to the formula for allocation of FONER’s revenue, 60% of the revenue is earmarked for the maintenance of the urban roads and general utility network and placed at the disposal of OdR and OVD. The 40% for the maintenance of provincial and rural roads and placed at the disposal of provinces. The Fund’s resources increase on average by 10% yearly. In 2012, the Fund collected close to USD 85.83 million against projections of around USD 77.52 million, representing an achievement rate of 110.71%. At end-July 2014, revenue stood at USD 70 million against USD 102 million in 2013. In addition, roads of particular national significance, which are rehabilitated with external financing, are among the top priorities of the Fund.

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  • Pursuant to M S. 43A.27, Subdivision 3a(1), an employee who separates or retires from State service and who, at the time of separation has five (5) or more years of allowable pension service and is entitled to immediately receive an annuity under a State retirement program and, who is not eligible for regular (non-disability) Medicare coverage, may continue to participate in the health and dental coverages offered through the Group Insurance Program. Consistent with M.S. 43A.27, Subdivision 3a(2), an employee who separates or retires from State service and who, at the time of separation is at least fifty (50) years of age and at least fifteen (15) years of State service may continue to participate in the health and dental coverages offered through the Group Insurance Program. Retiree coverage must be coordinated with Medicare.

  • Limitation on Transactions with Affiliates (a) Enter into any transaction, including, without limitation, any purchase, sale, lease or exchange of property or the rendering of any service, with any Affiliate unless such transaction is (i) otherwise permitted under this Agreement, (ii) in the ordinary course of the Borrower's or such Subsidiary's business and (iii) upon fair and reasonable terms no less favorable to the Borrower or such Subsidiary, as the case may be, than it would obtain in a comparable arm's length transaction with a Person which is not an Affiliate.